Rice Around the World

Rice Production in Europe

Though neither a staple food nor a major crop in Europe, rice has an important sociocultural significance and ecological importance in several Mediterranean countries of

Rice As Food

White and Brown Rice

Every rice grain (or seed) consists of the rice enclosed in a hull. The rice itself mainly comprises the embryo (or germ) and the starchy endosperm,

Rice As Food

Rice – The Global Staple

Rice, wheat, and maize are the world’s three leading food crops; together they directly supply more than 42% of all calories consumed by the entire human

Rice As Food

Rice – Quality Factors

There are many different types of rice with many different qualities to suit different consumer preferences. Quality factors relate to grain length, stickiness, aroma, texture, and flavor.

Rice As Food

Other Rice Products

Rice-flour products Rice flour is made from ground raw rice (glutinous or non-glutinous). It can be purchased in its ground form, or ground domestically using

Rice As Food

Rice – Nutritional Content

Nutritional content of rice compared to other staple foods White, long-grain rice: Raw, long-grain white rice is a relatively good source of energy, carbohydrates, calcium, iron,

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