Rice Production in Benin


General information

  • GNI per capita at PPP$, 2011: 1,630
  • Internal renewable water resources, 2011: 10.3 km3/year
  • Incoming water flow, 2011: 16.09 km3/year
  • Main food consumed, 2009: yam, cassava, maize, rice, meat,  pulses, vegetables
  • Rice consumption, 2009: 34.4 kg milled rice per person per year

Production seasons




Irrigated Rice

Write-up taken from the IRRI’s Rice Almanac (2013):


Benin, a small West African country facing south in the Atlantic Ocean between Nigeria and Togo, has an area of 112,620 km2 and is bordered also by Burkina Faso and Niger. The land comprises mainly low plains and nearly a quarter is arable, with agriculture accounting for 32% of GDP. The climate ranges from hot and humid in the coastal south to semiarid in the north. The population in 2011 was estimated at 9.1 million. About 44% of the workforce was engaged in the agricultural sector in 2010.

Source: FAOSTAT database online and AQUASTAT database online, as of November 2012.

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