Rice Production in Portugal


General information

  • GNI per capita at PPP$, 2011: 24,440
  • Internal renewable water resources, 2011: 38 km3/year
  • Incoming water flow, 2011: 30.7 km3/year
  • Main food consumed, 2009: milk, vegetables, fruits, wheat, fermented beverages, meat, potatoes, fish, sugar
  • Rice consumption, 2009: 14.8 kg milled rice per person per year

Production season





Write-up taken from the IRRI’s Rice Almanac (2013):

Portugal, the westernmost country of Europe, is bordered by Spain and faces the Atlantic Ocean, with an area of 92,090 km2 that includes the offshore islands of the Azores and Madeira. The northern part of the mainland, which is mountainous and rainy, contains areas of intensive agriculture. The south consists of low plateaus that are mainly very dry. Rice is grown in both areas. Some 10.9% of the population of 10.7 million (2011) is engaged in agriculture. Arable land is 12.3% of the land area, but agriculture forms only 2.4% of GDP.

Source: FAOSTAT database online and AQUASTAT database online, as of November 2012.

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