10 Coffee Facts You Didn’t Know

One of the coffee facts you didn’t know is that an estimated 2.25 billion cups are taken every day. Coffee is an important drink to many people, to the point that they will not start their day before they take a cup of hot coffee. Although caffeine can interfere with our sleep, coffee wakes us up in the morning.

It also has incredible health benefits if taken moderately. According to some sources, this magical cup of drink can improve your sex life, reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease, and prevent some cancers such as liver cancer.

Whether brewed, iced, or in latte form, statistics show that about 64% of American adults drink coffee every day.

So how much do you know about this amazing morning brew? In this post, I will highlight the most incredible coffee statistics.

11 Most Incredible Coffee Statistics

The widest beverage consumed daily in America is coffee. Most American adults cannot start the day without a nice hot cup of coffee. Let’s look at some of the amazing coffee statistics on coffee consumption in the world:

1. 1 billion people drink coffee daily.

2. Around 64% of Americans drink coffee every day. A recent study done by the National Coffee Association found that coffee is the most consumed daily beverage after water in the US.

3. About 400 million cups of coffee are taken daily in America. An average American drinks 3 cups of coffee in a day according to E-imports. The recommended amount of caffeine an adult can take in a day is 400mg, which is equivalent to 3-4 cups a day, which could be good for your health.

4. Americans drink an average of 146 billion cups of coffee yearly. This clearly shows how obsessed they are with this magic cup of drink. 

5. The percentage of women who drink coffee daily is high, 66%, compared to men, 62%. Statistics done by the E-imports showed that women were more concerned about the coffee price compared to men.

6. 65% of coffee drinkers in America make the coffee drink every morning before starting the day’s activities. Between meals, 30% would take coffee, and the remaining 5% take it with other meals (E-imports).

Another source indicated that taking your coffee between 12 pm to 1 pm and 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm will help minimize the effects of caffeine in your body.

7. About 35% of coffee consumers in America prefer having black coffee and the remaining 65% prefer sweetening the drink or adding some ice cream (E-imports).

8. An average of 45% of Americans brew their coffee using a drip coffee maker. The single-cup brewers and drip coffee makers were the most commonly used coffee preparation methods.

9. Americans mostly drink coffee made from Arabica beans such as espresso. This is because the beans have a sweet and finer flavor profile. Coffee from Robusta beans has a bitter and unpleasant taste. This is because it contains more caffeine in it. 

10. Around 27 million 60 kg of coffee bags are imported into America every year. Since Americans treasure this drink so much, they pay around $3.28 for a cup of coffee. E-imports research shows that there are 24,000 shops selling coffee in the US market.

11. Finland consumes the most coffee – 12kg per person per year. It is home to the biggest coffee lovers. They are followed by Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden. The US falls on number 25 in the list with an average American taking 3 cups a day.

10 Interesting Coffee Facts

Now we know coffee is the world’s favorite drink and an essential part of people’s everyday activities. People love to consume those little grains. Voltaire, one of the greatest French writers, drank up to 50 cups a day and lived up to the age of 83 so coffee addiction is not bad after all?

Whether black, with milk or cream and sugar, cappuccino, macchiato, or even direct espresso, it gives us life. 

But how important is coffee? Below are 10 interesting coffee facts you didn’t know but need to know:

1. Coffee Boosts Brain Power

Coffee with sugar can turn you into a genius for a while. This is because the combination of caffeine and glucose activates a certain part of your brain. It is also a mild stimulant to the central nervous system. 

Depending on the level of intake, coffee can improve attention and concentration. It also improves memory, mood, and energy levels.

2. Coffee Can Help You Burn Fats and Improve Physical Performance

Caffeine and coffee may be proven natural substances that burn fat. Caffeine improves adrenaline levels in the body by causing fat cells to break down body fats. Physical performance improves by 11-12%.

3. Coffee Increases Blood Pressure 

 If you are suffering from hypertension or low blood pressure, a tiny cup of coffee can help solve the situation. Taking a cup of coffee for each meal can also raise your blood pressure. It is however advisable that you consult your doctor if you suspect you have high blood pressure. Your doctor will advise if you should limit or stop drinking coffee.

4. Coffee Makes Your Immune System Stronger

Coffee helps boost the body. It provides a lot of nutrients and helpful chemicals to aid your immune system. It also reduces the risk of premature death. This is because coffee alters your immune system making it stronger and healthier. It also improves your liver, heart, and digestive system. 

5. Coffee Reduces the Risk of Diseases 

Coffee reduces the risk of diseases such as liver or colorectal cancer by 20%. The antioxidants found in coffee play an important role in cancer prevention. It also reduces heart disease by 5%. Drinking coffee also reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease especially in men. 

6. Coffee Beans Are Cherry Beans

Coffee beans are seeds of cherry fruit, often known as the coffee cherry. These bean seeds are dried, roasted, and brewed to make coffee. The seeds are also edible and they are as sweet as honey. 

7. A Happy Wife, a Happy Marriage

In ancient Arab, women could legally divorce their husbands if they did not provide them with fresh coffee in the morning. This proves that coffee made marriages happy by making wives happy! 

8. Coffee Was Banned in the Middle East 

Coffee was banned in Mecca in the year 1511 because the governor thought his opposition might go against him. It was believed to stimulate radical thinking and idleness. 

9. Goat Herder Discovered Coffee

Kaldi, a popular goat herder in Ethiopia, discovered coffee in the 1500s. 

He observed his goats eating coffee cherries from a nearby coffee shrub. After some time, he noticed a change in their behavior. His goats were full of energy and did not sleep the entire night. He made some drinks from the coffee cherry beans and felt more active. 

10. There Are Two Types of Coffee

Do you wonder why we have so many different choices of coffee beans at your local store? Well, here is the reason why. There are two different types of coffee beans, which are:

Arabica coffee: It has less caffeine, which causes bitterness in coffee, and high amounts of sugar levels and oil.

Robusta coffee: It makes up less than 40% of the coffee produced in the world. It has a bitter taste when added to milk. Robusta coffee is grown on low altitudes therefore; it has little or no acidity.

Final Thoughts

You probably have an idea of your favorite cup of coffee, now that you have read this far. So, why not entertain the barista with this information or share the coffee facts with your friends so that they can brush up their knowledge.

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