12 Common Ninja Coffee Bar Problems & Solutions

Is your Ninja Coffee Bar giving you trouble? This single-touch beverage machine gets rave reviews, but errant sensors, sudden stops, and half-full carafes still happen. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Ninja Coffee Bar problems, easy-to-follow troubleshooting tips, and answers to all the most frequently asked questions.

1. “Clean” Light Won’t Turn Off

One of the most commonly reported issues regarding the Ninja Coffee Bar is a “clean” light that won’t turn off. “Clean” lights let users know when to descale and clean their machines. The Ninja’s sensors are typically triggered when excess water accumulates in a Ninja’s brew basket, carafe, or water reservoir. This buildup often develops as a result of mineral-rich tap water. This buildup is usually white and chalky. It can be easy to miss, as it usually only accumulates in a machine’s nooks and crannies.

If you believe your machine’s “clean” light is on in error, you can try clearing it by unplugging and resetting your Ninja Coffee Bar machine. Once your coffee maker has been without power for at least five minutes, plug it in and reset the clock. The “clean” light should be gone. It should remain off so long as the coffee machine is clean.

You may also use the “clean” light as a regular maintenance reminder. Pour some Ninja-approved descaling solution or distilled white vinegar and water into your machine’s reservoir. Select the “full carafe” brew cycle. Then press the “clean” button. The Ninja’s cleaning procedure takes approximately one hour. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, you must dispose of the liquid in the carafe and run a regular brew cycle with plain water. Afterward, rinse the coffee carafe, brew basket, and water reservoir with clean water. The “clean” light should be off by now. However, you should still unplug and reset the machine to be sure it reset to its original settings.

If you’ve completed a cleaning cycle and the “clean” light is still on, it may be time for you to reach out to the experts at Ninja. The company offers a one-year warranty for all newly purchased appliances.

2. Machine Overflows

Does water or coffee constantly leak from the top of your brew basket? If so, the issue may relate to your filter or grounds. An improperly positioned or folded-over coffee filter can create a blockage between the drip stop and your cup or carafe.

Only use #4 paper cone filters or a gold Ninja Permanent Filter. These cone-shaped paper filters are available in natural brown and white.

If you’re using a paper filter, inspect it to make sure its sides are flush with the lining of your machine’s brew basket. If your coffee filters fail to stay put, consider using a small amount of water to wet the edges of your coffee filter. Press the damp material up against the sides of the brew basket.

You may also want to consider switching from single-use paper filters to a reusable metal filter. The latter tends to promote better flow. Plus, it costs less and is good for the environment.

Remember, paper filters and permanent filters should never be used together. Layering almost always results in overflows and leaks.

If your coffee filter isn’t the issue, your coffee grounds might be to blame. The Ninja Coffee Bar calls for medium coffee grounds. However, if you like your coffee strong and feel that your excessive use of coffee grounds is slowing your machine’s drip, you may consider using finger grounds during your next brew cycle. Finely ground coffee enables the machine to extract more coffee flavor without inhibiting its drip function. On the other hand, if your coffee maker is backing up and your coffee is too bitter, you might want to try using a slightly coarser grind setting the next time you prepare your coffee.

While the Ninja Coffee Bar does allow for mid-brew pours, users still need to manually adjust the Drip Stop toggle tostop coffee from pouring out. The Drip Stop toggle features a water droplet and a slash. You should return the toggle to the open position after you’ve paused your brew cycle.

3. The Carafe Never Fills

Did you run a full drip cycle only to find an empty or half-full carafe? Check to make sure that there is plenty of water in the machine’s reservoir. Should your coffee machine runs out of water before a brew cycle is complete, it should beep loudly. Ninja recommends that users do not add water mid-cycle. You can start a new brew cycle once you’ve corrected this issue. Before you do this, ensure adequate water in the res removable ervoir and fresh coffee grounds in the brew basket.

If this doesn’t improve your machine’s status, you may want to inspect and replace the machine’s water filter. It may also be the case that something is obstructing the drip spout. Open and observe the brew basket to ensure that water isn’t getting trapped inside the coffee filter. Check for lime-like buildup at the bottom of the water spout and base of the water reservoir. Mineral buildup is common for individuals with hard water. You may need to clean your machine more frequently if you have high levels of calcium or magnesium in your water. In many cases, this buildup can be wiped away with a damp cloth or paper towel.

If you’ve run through our troubleshooting guide and haven’t made any improvements, you may have a faulty machine on your hands. Contact Ninja’s customer service department to file a claim or speak with a product care representative.

4. Leaking Water

If your Ninja is leaking water, you may want to focus your attention on its water reservoir. Overloaded and improperly installed resevoirs are suseptable to leaks. Check to make sure that your resevoir’s water level is not above its fill line. Make sure the base is pushed all the way into the foundation of your Ninja machine.

Small amounts of pooled water may also occur due to the buildup of steam and moisture inside the brew basket. This is a natural occurrence and one that can not be prevented. You may place your machine to keep the moisture from damaging your counter or tabletop.

5. Poor Flavor

Several factors could be negatively impacting the flavor of your coffee. If you’ve already ruled out the possibility that you have a bad batch of coffee, then the issue may be related to your machine’s settings.

Check to see what brew setting you are using. The Ninja Coffee Bar allows users to alter the size and consistency of their coffee. Make sure that you are using settings that are consistent with your desired beverage type and size. The Ninja can produce everything from a single cup (9.5 ounces) to a full carafe (44 ounces). It has four brewing selections, including classic, rich, over-ice, and specialty brew modes.

6. Repetitive Beeping

Ninja Coffee Bars beep to alert users of several issues. Five consecutive beeps indicate that a machine needs a deep cleaning. Meanwhile, a single beep following the start of a brew cycle indicates that you are overriding a delay. A single beep after a brew cycle is simply an indicator that the coffee is ready.

7. Machine Isn’t Brewing

You’ve inserted a clean filter, filled it with fresh grounds, and refilled the water reservoir, but your machine still isn’t brewing coffee. Check to make sure the drip stop isn’t closed. This stops coffee from coming out of the machine. Your machine will typically beep to alert you that the drip stop is set to the closed position.

Your machine may have stopped because it needs to be descaled. While you probably weren’t looking forward to a mid-brew cleaning session, it might be exactly what your machine needs to get up and running. Keep in mind that a proper cleaning cycle takes 60 minutes. You’ll want to rule out any other issues before you delay your morning coffee.

8. Coffee Isn’t Hot Enough

There’s nothing more dissatisfying than a cup of lukewarm coffee. If your Ninja Coffee Bar is failing to produce steaming hot beverages, it may be a result of a faulty thermostat or defective heating element. Keep in mind that the Ninja Coffee Bar is supposed to yield coffee that is anywhere from 137 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can adjust the settings of your machine’s Intelligent Warming Plate to ensure your coffee keep warm long after it has been brewed. The warming plate is designed to keep your coffee at the ideal drinking temperature. Of course, this varies depending on the type of beverage you’re brewing. Use the “Stay Warm” button to adjust the length of time that the warming plate remains on after a brew cycle. Hold the button for 3 seconds to enter adjustment mode. Use the hour and minute buttons to find your ideal warming interval. Press the “Stay Warm” button to lock in your preferred setting.

If you’re looking to brew ice coffee but find that the Over Ice Brew isn’t cold enough, you’ll want to make sure that your cup or travel mug is filled to the top with ice cubes. Do not substitute ice shavings or crushed ice for cubes. These ice products have a different density than traditional ice cubes. They may cause your coffee cup to overflowing. Finally, make sure that the reservoir is filled with fresh, cool water.

Keep in mind that the Ninja Coffee Bar comes with an expertly paired coffee carafe. You have noticed that this container boasts a wide bottom and a narrow neck. It is designed so that the majority of the coffee is positioned close to the machine’s warming plate. Do not attempt to use a generic replacement carafe with your Ninja Coffee Bar, as it is unlikely to perform as well as the original. This carafe is proven to keep coffee at a temperature between 184 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit.

Coffee brewed directly into a coffee mug or cup is not going to be as hot as coffee that’s brewed directly into an original Ninja carafe. Single-cup brew cycles tend to yield coffee products that are between 137 and 175 degrees. Your cup’s ability to retain heat will also impact your beverage’s temperature.

9. Grounds in Coffee

There’s nothing more dissatisfying than a mouth full of coffee grounds. You can avoid this unpleasant experience by switching to a more desirable filter. Reusable filters fit nicely inside Ninja brew baskets. However, they tend to let some sediment through. Conversely, paper filters are capable of trapping finely ground coffee. Yet, they are more likely to shift under the pressure of dripping water.

That sediment at the bottom of your cup may also be caused by an overloaded filter. There should always be some room between the top of your grounds and the top of the filter. You can adjust the consistency of your grounds to ensure that you are getting the flavor you want without compromising the quality of your coffee. You may also need to brew smaller batches to ensure that your filter doesn’t overflow enough to send grounds into your carafe.

10. Machine Keeps Turning Off

If your coffee machine keeps shutting off, it may be because of an improperly installed drip stop, brew basket, or water reservoir. If your machine keeps shutting off abruptly or you are hearing five loud beeps before the power ceases, then there is a good chance that the brew basket and/or drip are not installed properly.

A properly installed brew basket’s sides should be perfectly aligned with the inside walls of the coffee maker. Lift the brew basket out of your machine. Reinsert it, making sure that it is sitting as far down as possible.

11. Machine Won’t Turn On

Are you experiencing intermittent or consistent power issues? Make sure that your machine is not plugged into a faulty outlet or an extension cord. The Ninja Coffee Bar should always be plugged directly into an outlet. Inspect your machine’s cord to make sure there are no issues with the cord or prongs. If you notice damage, reach out to Ninja’s customer service specialists.

12. Machine Demands More Water

The “AD WTR” error message plagues many coffee machines. If you’re seeing this message even though your reservoir is filled with water, you’ll want to make sure the reservoir is seated correctly, the lid is secured, and all the connection points are clean. Your machine may also need to be descaled.


Final Thoughts

By now, you know that the Ninja Coffee Bar isn’t immune to issues. If you’ve troubleshot your machine and had no luck fixing the issues that plague your machine, it may be time for you to reach out to Ninja’s customer service department.

All new Ninja machines are covered by Ninja’s one-year limited warranty. Ninja’s customer service department offers round-the-clock product support and warranty services. They can be reached at 1-877-646-5288. More answers can also be found inside the Ninja Coffee Bar’s Troubleshooting Guide.

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