5 Surefire Ways Coffee Can Help Your Sex Life

Everyone loves good sex. Yes, I do too. But can you say the sex you get is enough? How can you and your partner improve your sex drive? How does drinking coffee help your sex life? Don’t worry. The good news is that drinking Turkish coffee (or coffee in general), is the secret to a perfect sex drive. In this blog, I want to share with you the five proven ways coffee can help your sex life.

Drinking coffee reduces erectile dysfunction (ED) in men, increases libido in women, enhances athletic performance, reduces the risk of depression, lowers stress levels, and helps one stay sharp.

When Is The Right Time To Drink Coffee For Sex?

You start to feel the effects of coffee for sex 15 minutes after drinking coffee, and the results last up to 2 hours. Therefore, you may want to take coffee fifteen to twenty minutes before you and your partner go to bed. 

With that said, it is essential to mention that coffee is not the ultimate cure for all sexual problems – it’s a booster. According to Satori Madrone, a renowned sexologist, sex drive is complex. 

What Science Says About Coffee and Sex Life

The sexologist argues that sex drive involves the ‘subjective experience’ and the desire to feel better when curdled by your partner. Satori continues to say that sex drive is not just about the physical satisfaction of sexual acts.

However, taking delicious homemade coffee can help boost sexual arousal and stamina. For instance, in March 2020, The National Coffee Association (NCA) released a ‘comprehensive survey’ on coffee intake in America. 

In part, the survey revealed that 7 in 10 Americans take coffee each week, with 62% of Americans drinking coffee every day. Even more shocking is that the average drinker drinks more than 3 cups of coffee per day.

You can read more information on how Americans drink coffee from that NCA survey here. It is also essential to know that nearly 60% of all the coffee made and served in the U.S is gourmet coffee (brewed using premium beans).

It is evident that the number of coffee drinkers in the United States alone has increased exponentially over the past five years. For many years, it was thought that drinking coffee comes with age. However, the report showed that young people increased their coffee consumption by 40% from 2015.

When it comes to coffee for sex, timing is critical. The time one drinks coffee means a lot to their sex life. As mentioned, if you take your gourmet coffee a few minutes before sex, you are likely to make your partner happier than you thought.

How Much Coffee Is Good For Sex

Drinking 2 to 3 cups of coffee every day is enough to improve sex life. The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston (UTHealth) discovered that men who drank two cups of coffee each day performed well in bed. The study revealed that these men were 42% less likely to have erectile dysfunction compared to those that didn’t drink coffee at all.

PLOS ONE, an American science journal, reported that scientists studied some 4,000 men who drank caffeinated drinks. The study revealed that men who drank coffee, fizzy, tea, and other caffeinated sports drinks did not encounter erectile dysfunction. This is regardless of age, blood pressure, or even weight.

Caffeine triggers a reaction, which helps relax the muscles and increase the flow of blood to the penis,” said the scientists. Professor David Lopez from the UTHealth, who took part in the study, observed that many details emerged. “Although we saw a reduction in the ED prevalence with men who were hypertensive, overweight and obese, that was not the case with men who had diabetes,” Lopez said.

Caffeine And Women Sex Drive

In 2006, scientists at the Southwestern University, TX, experimented on female rats. The study found that drinking caffeinated drinks triggered part of the rats’ brains that signaled sexual arousal. 

However, the report said that women who did not take coffee could not feel the effect and the urge to have sex.

5 Powerful Ways Coffee Can Help Your Sex Life

Now that you have a general view of coffee for sex drive, it is time to delve into the five proven ways coffee can boost your sexual life.

Coffee Reduces Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

In the United States of America alone, approximately 30 million men have erectile dysfunction! However, according to the study by the UTHealth that we spoke of earlier, men who took caffeine reduced their chances of suffering from ED during sexual activity.

Apart from coffee increasing the flow of blood to one’s manhood, taking two to three cups of coffee aids in increasing testosterone levels in the body. 

Coffee Increases Libido In Women

In 2010, the University of Texas at Austin found out that caffeine affects women’s arousal levels. To understand how the women’s bodies reacted, scientists measured the women’s arousal state before and after drinking coffee. 

In the end, women who drank coffee started feeling aroused – they got horny!

Coffee Helps You Stay Sharper

Perhaps, there’s nothing as good as a sexual partner staying put until the end of the game. Yes, I’m pretty sure you will feel disoriented if you are still invigorated, but your partner in the game wants it to end right away.

However, two or three cups of coffee a few minutes before the start of the game will make the both of you remain alert and focused till the end. In a 2014 article published by the Journal of Nutrition, drinking caffeinated drinks showed positive results. The journal said, caffeinated drinks help improve the cognitive part of the brain, attention span, and verbal memory.

On this, Madrone, says, what makes you in bed when you are 28 is different from what makes you good at 68. He says that the secret is being communicative, adaptive, and always ready to try new ways of doing things.

The experienced sexologist argues that trying a nicely-ice brewed coffee a few minutes before the game isn’t a bad idea at all. 

Coffee Reduces the Risk of Depression

People who have depression cannot enjoy sex. They struggle with sex drive. Worse still, they may never satisfy their partners. A 2018 study found out that there is a significant correlation between depression, sex misconception, and sexual dysfunction. 

On the other hand, those that take coffee regularly tend to be happy and find sex enjoyable. Still, other sources indicate that taking some form of caffeine will be bad for one’s health. These caffeinated drinks include sodas or overly sweetened coffee may increase the chances of falling into depression.

Meanwhile, taking a strong shot of coffee can lower the chances of developing depression.

Coffee Lowers Stress Levels

“Stress is an enemy to good sex,” says Madrone. The sexologist continues to say that stress can rob you of the joy that comes with having a memorable shot with your partner. Thankfully, it is possible to manage stress with a cup of either bulletproof coffee or cold coffee concentrate.

The Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Coffee

The same scientists that have confirmed the benefits of drinking coffee for sex drive have also warned that drinking too much coffee. They say, drinking more than 4 cups a day can have adverse side effects. Some of the adverse effects associated with drinking too much coffee include:

  • Irritability
  • Stomach pain
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness
  • Tremors

To Wrap Up

Top-notch scientists have confirmed these five ways coffee can help your sex life; thus, you can trust them. The various links on this post that point to the high-authority journals are for your prove. 

Now that you know how coffee can help your sex life, learn how to make it to give you the desired results. As you learn the art, you will be sure of one thing. Your partner will be happy that you decided to drink the stimulant. With added physical strength, stamina, and concentration keep up the game.

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