Baratza Vario Vs Rancilio: Which One Should You Buy?

No matter what style of brew you choose or the number of years you’ve brewed coffee, the question of Baratza Vario vs Rancilio will always come up. As such, there’s a trick to always enjoying a great cup of coffee. A better grind is required for the most delicate cup of coffee. The grind lets the water infiltrate the roasted beans and unleashes the aromatics and tasty flavors.

The coffee grinder with various grind settings ensures that you start with the finest available ingredients to make your perfect cup of coffee. Two of the most popular coffee grinders are the Rancilio Rocky and the Baratza Vario. These are popular among those searching for a less expensive grinder than several industrial grinders available.

These two espresso grinders, which can also handle different coffee types, have certain similarities. Let’s look at what renders each one special and which one could be the best fit for you.

Baratza Vario Vs Rancilio Similarities

Like Rancilio Rocky vs Sette 270, Baratza and Rancilio Rocky have several similarities. Here are some of them:


The burrs on the grinders will be the starting point for our comparison. Burrs are among the most crucial grinder pieces and a wonderful place to start since they smash the coffee beans. Flat burrs are found on the Vario and Rocky. Flat burrs generate uniform coffee particles, giving your cup a consistent and rich flavor.

The size of your grinder’s burrs is crucial and its fundamental nature. Bigger burrs, in a nutshell, produce a quicker grinder. They aren’t the only thing that influences the speed of your grinder, but they are an essential component of it.

Vario and Rocky burrs aren’t quite the same sizes, to be honest. The Vario’s burrs are 54mm, and the Rocky’s are 50mm, so they’re just four millimeters apart. It’s not a subtle change. They’re relatively little in terms of burr size. They aren’t too big or too little for a house, and they should fit in well.

Dimensions of the Hoppers

Another essential part of your grinder is the hopper. Because it retains your coffee beans, the size of this portion directly impacts how long you can use your grinder in one sitting.

Both grinders have a capacity of 8 oz. It isn’t as massive as the burrs, but neither is it a little one. That means, the capacity is around half a pound and will grind many meals.

Grinding Demand

In order for your coffee to be as fresh as possible, which is one of the reasons you’re looking at a grinder in the first place. You’d keep purchasing pre-ground coffee if that weren’t one of your worries.

You may be surprised to learn that certain grinders may not always provide fresh coffee. It may happen with dose grinders, which require you to grind ahead of time into a container and then dispense the grinds as needed.

Doser grinders are ideal when your coffee consumption is high enough that you will soon consume the pre-ground quantity. In a domestic environment, though, you are unlikely to go through as much as quickly. That’s why we have doserless grinders like the Vario and Rocky.

Silent Operation

You can’t help but grimace when you hear certain grinders since they are so loud. Given how noisy a grinder can be, it’s understandable if you’re hesitant to install one in your kitchen.

In this comparison, one of the most delicate features of Baratza and Rancilio is their silence. Neither of these grinders will cause a disturbance in your home’s environment, making them ideal complements to your coffee regimen.

Adjustment of Stepped Grind

Using an espresso or coffee grinder and adjusting the fineness of your grind is a simple process. Depending on the brewing technique, coffee grinds that vary from espresso-fine to French press coarse will be required.

It’s easy to adjust the grind texture on the Vario and Rocky. They both include a graduated grind adjustment mechanism, which means the manufacturer established a range of settings from which to pick.

A stepwise grind adjustment technique is often restricted due to the limited number of fineness levels available. On the other hand, the Rancilio Rocky will provide you with a whopping 55 levels to meet your requirements.

The Vario has a revolutionary macro and micro grind adjustment mechanism and a second dial for more exemplary changes within a fineness level. There are 230 possible fineness combinations available when using the macro adjustment dial with the camera.

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Baratza Vario Vs Rancilio Differences

If you thought that you’ve read enough similarities, you would be shocked by the number of differences between the two coffee grinders. Check out some of them:

Burr Material

We couldn’t leave out the burr material in these grinders, which varies. Burrs are often constructed of ceramic or metal, and this comparison includes one of each variety. Ceramic burrs make up the Baratza Vario.

Consequently, it is likely to be quieter than metal-based alternatives. Ceramic burrs do not wear out as rapidly as metal burrs, and they do not transmit as much heat to your beans. In the Rancilio Rocky, you’ll discover steel burrs.

These burrs are razor-sharp, crushing your coffee beans with ease. They’re also less prone to chipping or breaking than ceramic burrs when struck.


Maintaining a household includes things like keeping your home clean and changing furnishings. Consider how difficult it would be to clean your kitchen countertops if each gadget was heavy.

You’d despise cleaning. That is why the weight of your espresso grinders is so essential. The Baratza Vario, which is just ten pounds, is likely to be beneficial.

On the other hand, the Rancilio Rocky weighs almost twice as much at eighteen pounds. It will be a lot easy to move the Vario.

Rancilio Rocky Tinted Hopper

A blue hopper may be seen on top of the Rancilio Rocky. The kind isn’t just for show; it has a function. The blue coloring keeps out UV radiation. Any beans in your grinder won’t be tarnished by being exposed to sunlight for too long if it’s placed someplace where sunlight naturally falls on it.

Digital Control Panel by Baratza Vario

All of the Vario’s settings are conveniently displayed on the front panel on a single digital screen. The design is far more straightforward than some other grinders, which have a slew of buttons and switches scattered across the machine’s surface.

The panel is intended for quick repairs in addition to storing everything in one place. You may snap the panel off and replace it with a new one if anything breaks.

Rancilio Rocky Die-Cast Housing

Several Rancilio Rocky owners appreciate the grinder’s long life. It has a die-cast casing with only a stainless steel polish that looks like armor. This is, in a nutshell, a difficult grinder. Its internal components are properly wrapped in the housing, guaranteeing that they will remain safe for many years. The sleek appearance of this function is an added plus. The stainless steel complements the appearance of other contemporary equipment.

Baratza Vario Grounds Bin or Portafilter Compatibility

It’s not necessary to brew espresso shots all of the time. You could prefer a carafe of drip coffee or a pot of French press coffee at times. You’ll need more fresh coffee grounds in such circumstances.

The Vario is particularly good at preparing these kinds of batches. It has a grounds bin that stores more coffee than a standard portafilter, so you can grind just how much you need.


Before purchasing a product, one of the first queries people have is its price. Coffee and espresso grinders fall under this category.

Even with our Baratza and Rancilio alternatives, we’re glad to state that most online shops give a fairly reasonable price of $430 for each or thereabout.

Baratza Vario Review

The Baratza Vario is a plain-looking grinder that, although not very attractive, impresses us with its functions; the stainless steel front, on the other hand, is a pleasant touch that gives the grinder a sturdier feel.

The Vario lives up to its name, featuring 230 grind settings and a retractable portafilter container. The grinder is adaptable, grinding coffee for a variety of brewing methods, including French press, espresso, Turkish coffee, and other coffee machines.

The Vario offers 10 macro grind settings and 23 micro grind settings, which are identical to the setting scales on other Baratza grinders. It means one may use the slider to choose a micro setting, then fine-tune it with a micro setting from the micro-scale.

Even with tiny changes, the distinction between the grind settings is evident, and the grinder is entirely consistent across its whole setting range. Still, uniformity is just one of its benefits, as the Vario is also meant to preserve the fragrance and taste of your coffee.

However, the grinder includes a dark 8-ounce bean hopper and a dark coffee collector to shield the beans and grinds from the harmful effects of sunlight.

The dark hopper and collector, on the other hand, would be useless without the Vario’s sluggish motor. The grinder does not burn the beans and does not damage their fragrance and taste since the engine causes the 54mm ceramic burrs to spin gently.

Also, ceramic burrs are less prone to heat up than steel burrs. Thus the Baratza

Vario gets an extra point for scent retention.

The Baratza Vario has three preset ground dosages and grinds by time

Key Features

  • A motor with slow rotation.
  • 230 different grind settings (macro and micro).
  • 3 dosages pre-programmed.
  • Option to start/stop.
  • Operation via timer or by hand.
  • Bean hopper, 8 oz.
  • Ceramic burrs, 54mm.
  • Holder for a portafilter.


  • The Baratza Vario is very flexible.
  • The grind settings are simple to modify.
  • One may utilize the three preset dosages at the stroke of a button to use the doses you already know work best for your coffee.
  • It grinds using ceramic burrs and a slow-rotating motor – the ideal mix for scent retention.


  • When grinding straight into a portafilter, it’s possible to cause a mess.
  • The settings sliders are easily dislodged by mistake.

Rancilio Rocky Review

If you appreciate exquisite grinders as much as we do, the Rancilio Rocky will surprise you. It is a nice-looking, elegant grinder with a solid stainless steel finish and a little plastic on the front.

When it comes to constructing Rocky’s tray and making it detachable, Rancilio was meticulous. After grinding, you can quickly clean the tray, and there will be fewer grinds on your kitchen counter.

Rancilio Rocky’s detachable tray pales in comparison to the rest of the Rancilio Rocky’s features, ensuring the grinder’s uniformity and the freshness of the grinds. The Rocky’s commercial-grade 50mm steel burrs aid in ensuring consistent grinds on all 55 settings, even the coarsest, which is fantastic for French press.

The motor of the grinder, on the other hand, aids in the release and maintenance of the coffee fragrance by avoiding excessive heat that may burn the beans.

Rancilio Rocky is a manual grinder that grinds coffee straight into a portafilter or inside a coffee collector. It’s available in two styles: doser and doserless, and it’s ideal for use with a Keurig brewer or a decent espresso machine.

The front of Rocky’s doserless grinder contains a grounds collection with a portafilter holder. With this variant of the Rocky, you must use the lever linked to the grinder’s coffee collector to obtain a dosage of coffee into the portafilter, thus the term ‘doser.’

There is a portafilter holder at the front of the doserless Rocky grinder, where you may put the portafilter and receive coffee.

The manual grinding of the Rancilio Rocky is done with a button, and there is no timer.

Key Features

  • Available with or without a doser.
  • There are 55 different grind settings.
  • Bean hopper, 8 oz.
  • A slow-rotating motor.
  • Holder for a portafilter.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Steel burrs with a diameter of 50mm.
  • The beans are protected from UV rays by the hopper.


  • Customers rely on it because of its dependability and regularity.
  • Grinds the beans excellently, even for espresso, using a set of industrial 50mm stainless steel burrs.
  • The slow motor prevents the burrs from overheating the beans and destroying the oils that give them their distinctive scent.
  • The detachable drip tray protects the beans from UV rays and makes cleaning easy for the consumer.


  • If you put oily beans on it, it can become stuck.
  • Rancilio Rocky is not reliable enough for grinding.

Rancilio Rocky Not Grinding Fine Enough: What to Do

The hopper comes in two versions: one that is a fully molded unit and the other that is in two halves. With the hopper removed, you’ll note that the whole machine is dyed blue, including the stop post.

You can make more incredible calibration modifications in the second version using the two pieces. It includes a black stop post with two screws that you can adjust and move in either direction to fine-tune. The new hopper is available for purchase on the ECS Coffee website. If you wish to buy the newer hopper, it can be installed on an older grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Where are Baratza grinders made?

A: They’re made in Taiwan using precision burrs imported from Europe and supplied via a growing global network.

Q: How do I adjust my Baratza Vario?

A: Watch this video.

Q: What is in the Baratza Vario manual?

A: Watch this video.

Q: How do you use BaratzaVario?

A: Watch this video:

Q: How do you open a Vario grinder?

A: Watch this video:

Q How do you clean a Vario coffee grinder?

A: Watch this video:


In the question of Baratza Vario vs Rancilio Rocky, it’s all about considering how you prefer your coffee when selecting a coffee grinder. In addition, it’s about where you envision yourself as a home barista in the future. Consider what you value in a good cup of coffee and how you can improve your brewing abilities.