Can I Drink Bulletproof Coffee Twice a Day?

Bulletproof coffee is heavier than ordinary coffee. Like a latte, it is flavorful and creamy but has a higher concentration of buttery tones. Other than the taste, it has a lasting energy boost compared to traditional coffee. You might wonder, can I drink bulletproof coffee twice a day?

Of course, you can have bulletproof coffee twice a day. The amount of caffeine in bulletproof coffee is as much as that in regular coffee. However, bulletproof coffee has a higher fat content compared to regular coffee. As such, it is prudent to take a cup especially if you drink coffee daily.

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

Dave Asprey, an American entrepreneur, and author introduced bulletproof coffee in 2011. Asprey constantly researches methods that make a body function more effectively. While looking for technological and scientific means, he created BPC.

The BPC is simple. Like most people, Asprey is too busy to indulge in an energy-boosting breakfast daily. Therefore, to avoid missing essential meals for the whole day, he invented an alternative meal with all the necessary nutrients, hence a bulletproof invention.

Trekking to the Himalayas is what inspired Asprey to combine healthy nutrients and fats all in a coffee. It started when his Tibetan hosts offered him a beverage called yak butter tea.

It is believed that BPC came from a keto-friendly coffee since it’s an intake with a high-fat diet. It also helps in giving a low-carb diet. It is perfect for those who fast since it reduces hunger cravings for long periods.

The Taste Of Bulletproof Coffee

BPC is described as an energizing and creamy beverage with quality fats. Therefore, to understand its taste, we need to scrutinize the ingredients that make up the coffee. The Bulletproof website gives three ingredients for the full recipe:

  • Brewed Bulletproof coffee (one cup)
  • Coconut or MCT oil (one to two teaspoons)
  • Unsalted ghee or butter (one to two tablespoons)

There are other recipes like coconut cream, cocoa powder, and others. But let’s focus on the main recipe.

Preparing is easy. Blend the brewed coffee, butter, and MCT oil for half a minute. You will get a foamy and creamy latte. Though BPC is heavier, nuttier, and creamier than an ordinary latte, you can feel the bitter taste in it. The beverage isn’t that extraordinary, but after tasting will leave you greasy.

Benefits of Drinking Bulletproof Coffee

If you compare BPC with regular latte drinks, you will realize that the former has many benefits. Some of the top benefits of taking bulletproof coffee on a regular basis include increased energy, high performance, and focus.

If you were to look for the reasons why BPC has the aforementioned benefits, you will realize that coffee has fats. Besides, the preparation process makes it one of the highest quality coffees.

However, there is more to bulletproof coffee than focus, improved performance, and an energized feeling that lasts the whole day. Here are other two benefits:

Mood Improvement

One of the rare benefits of taking bulletproof coffee is that it helps in the increment of testosterone count in the body. With the increment of testosterone in the body, you are likely to start experiencing a happy feeling thanks to serotonin – the happy chemical.

The other ingredient you are likely to have when you take BPC is cholesterol. However, for coffee to have a liberal amount of this chemical, cultivation, and preparation of the coffee must be of a high standard. Whichever the way, with the presence of cholesterol and ghee (grass-fed butter), bulletproof is likely to improve the formation or the production of lean muscle.

Lacks Nutrients

Butter, coffee, and oil, which are the main ingredients of bulletproof coffee, do not contain essential nutrients that your body needs such as fiber, protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates. According to the American Academy of Nutrition, and Dietetics, you need all the aforementioned nutrients to start your day in a healthy way.

Hunger Reduction

For us to say that BPC reduces hunger, we need to take a step back at when and what it is served with. In many families, bulletproof coffee is served alongside other diets (lifestyle) that include crab cycling, intermediate fasting, and keto.

The main reason why diet experts include BPC in the morning is that it aids in weight loss. With that in mind, our bodies operate on fat and glucose. Because we are bound to burn sugars by default, drinking BPC on a regular basis will help trigger loss of weight by a process referred to as ketosis.

However, something strange takes place when the body hits the peak of ketosis. At this point, the body tends to reverse the whole process. Consequently, instead of burning glucose, the body is tricked into burning fats.

As you may remember, BPC has a higher fat content but because our bodies burn fats at the peak of ketosis, there is nothing to lose.

Lastly, if you are on an intermittent diet, you have nothing to worry about because bulletproof coffee eliminates food cravings thus the perfect way to start your day.

Who Can Take Bulletproof Coffee?

Those on the ketogenic diet should be the first to take bulletproof coffee. Are you the kind of person, who doesn’t have high cholesterol, this is the right drink for you.

Like a double-edged sword, BPC will help you cut weight while on the other hand; it will give you the energy needed to start your day. In the same breath, if you take a lot of bulletproof coffee, you are likely to plunge into serious health issues.

Final Thoughts

Bulletproof coffee has been with us for a long time. However, it has hit the news on a higher level since 2011. The benefits of taking BPC are bare just as the risks of misusing it. If you are struggling to cut your weight, then it’d be prudent to start your day with a cup of bulletproof coffee.

Under no circumstance can we call BPC a magic drink. However, it will boost your energy, increase your performance and improve your focus all day. If you drink bulletproof coffee twice a day for a long time, chances are you will increase your chances of inviting addition and other health issues. Therefore, moderation is key. Yes, a cup of BPC for a day is all your body needs.