Can I Drink Iced Coffee After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

So, you are having your wisdom teeth removed? I know it’s quite a relief from the toothache that is causing you sleepless nights. But wait, will you still get to drink iced coffee after wisdom teeth removal? If not, how long can you go without it? Unlike drinking expired coffee, iced coffee may pose some challenges.

You can drink iced coffee after wisdom teeth removal. However, if the tooth extraction is severe, it is advisable not to drink coffee. That’s because caffeine can mess up your healing process. You might have to stay for at least five days before slowly resuming your coffee intake habit.

Why You Can’t Drink Hot Coffee After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

When you undergo a wisdom tooth extraction process, your surgeon pulls out your tooth together with its root. The section in the gum remains to be a hole creating an open wound.

So, as the wound starts to heal, blood forms a clot at the surface. Now, that blood clot is the reason why you can’t consume hot coffee after extracting your wisdom tooth.

The high temperatures in hot coffee can destroy the blood clot, which can cause your wound to start bleeding. Besides, the heat can infuriate the surrounding nerve endings, increasing sensitivity and pain. The same applies to all other hot beverages.

Again, the caffeine in the hot coffee can be of concern. When it gets to your bloodstream, it can increase blood pressure and impact blood vessels. That can trigger your wound to start bleeding, dissolving your blood clot. As a result, it slows down the healing process while causing a painful dry socket.

Then, Can You Drink Cold Coffee/ Iced Coffee After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

If you can’t do without your regular cup of coffee, you can drink iced coffee after extracting your wisdom tooth. Though, you need to avoid using a straw.

Unlike hot coffee, cold/iced coffee will not interfere with your blood clot. Thus, enabling a fastened healing process. But it could be safer if you consume it 24-48 hours after your surgery.

Even so, iced coffee still contains caffeine. And as you know, caffeine leads to narrowing of blood vessels, raising blood pressure. Thus, causing your wound to bleed, creating a dry socket.

Therefore, if you underwent a tooth extraction surgery, I advise you to avoid coffee for five days. That way, you will minimize bleeding while enabling your wound to form a blood clot.

But again, follow your dentist’s instructions all the time. If your dentist says you can drink coffee immediately, do that. Nonetheless, if your doctor instructs you to avoid it for some days, obedience will save you a great deal.

The Safest Drink To Take After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Immediately after removing your tooth, the safest drink to take is water. Though coffee can give you a quick energy boost, water stands out because it won’t harm you. It is gentle on your wound. And to top it up, water will keep hydrated, enabling a quicker recovery.

Moreover, drinking water will minimize disruption of the blood clot that is forming or already formed. Yet still, you must stay away from straws when drinking the water.

Effects Of Drinking Coffee After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Caffeine in coffee makes blood vessels narrow, resulting in high blood pressure. With an increase in blood pressure, your wound may bleed. Afterward, dislodge your blood clot. It can lead to a very painful dry socket.

Besides, hot coffee may hinder or disrupt the already forming blood clot. Thus, triggering the extraction site to bleed. Moreover, the high temperatures irritate the nearby raw nerves, which increases sensitivity and pain.

Additionally, drinking coffee after tooth removal surgery can make you lose control over your bladder. That’s because the coffee may increase your trips to the bathroom.

Yet after surgery, you need to stay still to aid the recovery process. So, you have to rest more with fewer movements. Tell me, how are you going to achieve that if you keep on with those frequent bathroom visits?

Again, the frequent urinations make you lose extra calcium. Yet you are seeking to heal faster. With that, you need every calcium in the body to make it happen. And so, you can’t waste any.

Furthermore, the caffeine in coffee may increase the amount of acid in your tummy. That’s because you will have to consume soft foods in small quantities for 24-48 hours. The extra acid may cause stomach discomfort, leading to vomiting, nausea, and even heartburn.

The Safest Time to Drink Coffee After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Though it may be okay to drink iced coffee a few hours after tooth removal, the caffeine in the coffee may affect some individuals. And that brings us to the question, when is it ideal to start consuming your coffee, hot or cold, without any risk? I will tell you about that.

It is advisable to wait for a minimum of five days after getting your tooth out before having your cup. But if the tooth removal impact was severe on your jaw and gum, the recovery duration can be longer than that. It can take you up to two weeks before getting back to drinking coffee.

But again, go slowly on it. It means that you cannot just get back to the way you used to drink before tooth removal. You may start with a lower sip in a day. Slowly increase as time goes by while you observe your healing process.

Before you know it, your swelling will go down as your mouth completely heals. When that happens, you can get back fully to your coffee drinking habits the way you know it.

However, if your tooth extraction wound takes longer than usual to heal or worsens, it would be best if you contact your dentist. The medical expert will advise on the way forward. And if need be, you might have to visit the hospital for diagnosis and further treatment.

Final Thoughts

It’s painful to undergo wisdom teeth removal and even the healing process. And that’s why you must be keen on what you consume to avoid infections, dry sockets, and other complications. If your dentist advises you not to drink coffee, so be it. If not, you can drink iced coffee after wisdom teeth removal.