Cold Brew Vs. Iced Coffee Starbucks: All You Need to Know

The question of cold brew vs. iced coffee Starbucks has been around for a long time. Despite the obvious similarity that they are both coffee drinks, there is a sharp difference between cold brew and iced coffee at Starbucks. You can get these varieties from your Starbucks shop.

You make cold brew without heat, something that helps to create smooth natural sweet coffee with lower acidity while iced coffee is brewed in double strength before it is cooled and often served with a splash of milk.

Your desired experience for the moment is what will drive you to choose one variety over the other. Here are some differences between the varieties that will help make up your mind on the variety to pick for any moment.

Cold Brew Vs. Iced Coffee Differences

As you may guess, the two types of coffee have differences and similarities. For now, let’s talk about key differences.

Coffee Blend Approaches

The cold brew is made with cold water. That means that it gives a smooth state with low acidity. You can use such a drink when you just want to relax and savor the coffee drink.

The iced drink is prepared with filtered water from the boil. This brew has a sharp taste due to the high concentration of the coffee bags used. The brew is then poured over ice to dilute it. Once cooled down, the coffee is ready to serve.

Preparing Time

Iced coffee is prepared within a matter of minutes.

However, you can opt to double the strength of your coffee by drip-brewing pre-measured bags of iced coffee blends.

On the other hand, the cold brew is prepared over a long time. Usually, baristas will leave the coffee to brew long before the opening hours.

Coffee Flavors

The iced brew is prepared using Latin American as well as East African coffee beans. These varieties spice up the taste of cola and a caramel flavor.

The cold blew approach uses Latin American as well as African coffee beans. A chocolaty flavor is notable from the final cup.

Served Content

The iced coffee is prepared using a double strength ratio of coffee bags. That makes it more acidic. It also tends to have a lot of calories, ranging from 70-to 90 calories.

To fade the almost bitter taste, you might want to request a splash of milk.

The cold brew is naturally sweet, with a smooth feel.  Therefore, there is usually no need for additional sugar in this serving. In addition, grande has low calories, and they range in the region of 5.

The caffeine in the cold brew is also high compared to the iced brew. The length of the brew rather than the heat used for the brew determines caffeine content.

You may prefer to order your cold brew topped with sweet vanilla foam. Another flavor that you might fancy is the caramel cream that gives off chocolaty notes.

The Coffee Consistency

An iced grande will have a medium-bodied and well-balanced brew.

A grande of cold brew will have a full body. It, therefore, feels like a syrup that has hybridity in its mouth-feel.

This feel is exciting for it makes your mouth feel a refreshing variety of tastes every time you take a sip. It is possible to have one grande with a variety of tastes that all complement each other to make a wholesome coffee experience.

The Price Point

A critical factor to observe is the pricing of these two varieties. The iced brew is usually cheaper, given the fact it takes much less time to prepare.

On the other hand, the cold brew will cost a dollar or two more, depending on the shop you visit. This makes sense because brewing the cold grande usually takes 12-24 hours.

The toppings added o your coffee might inflate the price too. Be sure to consult your barista about the price changes before requesting your unique grande of either the cold or iced coffee brew.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is Starbucks cold brew stronger than iced coffee?

A: Cold brew has more caffeine per serving than traditional coffee.

Q: Is cold brew or iced coffee better?

A: Cold brew coffee has up to 65% less acidity compared to traditional regular coffee.

Q: Does Starbucks cold brew have more caffeine than iced coffee?

A: Starbucks cold brew has more caffeine than iced coffee because of the different brewing methods that extract different amounts of caffeine.

Q: Is cold brewed coffee better?

A: Cold brewed coffee is sweeter and smoother than traditionally brewed coffee.

Q: Does cold brew taste different from iced coffee?

A: Because cold brew is made using cold water, it has a slightly sweeter and milder taste and is way less acidic than iced coffee.

Final Thoughts

Cold brew vs. iced coffee Starbucks makes a hard choice for many to make. However, once you know what each grande will offer and what you will lose by choosing one over the other, your decision is made easy.

To the lovers of a detailed taste of coffee over the diversion of flavor offered by the compliments, the cold brew will be your choice. Overall, I hope you make the best choice that fulfills your desires in a coffee grande.