Common Nespresso Vertuo Problems and Simple Solutions

While the Nespresso Vertuo is generally reliable, many users have reported common Nespresso Vertuo problems especially with those set for commercial use. Thankfully, this article will address 20 common problems and how you can fix them quickly.

1. The Nespresso Vertuo Machine Light Does Not Switch On

The machine not turning on is a common problem with most electronic appliances, so you shouldn’t stop breathing when it happens.

How to Fix the Problem

First, ensure the device is properly plugged in, then check if it’s working or not. Sometimes due to wear and tear, they tend to loosen up. If it doesn’t turn on, you check if the wires are loosened, which is also another quick fix.

The machine could have automatically switched off while turning due to exposed wires due to burn marks. Fix it, plug it in, and switch it on again.

2. The Coffee Machine Produces Bitter Coffee

The coffee machine should at no point alter the taste of your coffee. The moment it tastes bitter or gives you a weird taste, there could be an underlying problem. The machine typically builds up old coffee residue and oils in the brewing chamber that alters the taste of the coffee.

These build-ups are responsible for the bitter taste; if not fixed on time, germs will multiply in the chamber.

How to Fix the Problem

Check your machine and clean it regularly to eliminate old coffee beans.

3. Substandard Coffee Issue

If your Nespresso Vertuo produces substandard coffee, it could be due to several reasons. However, the main culprits are:

You could be using the wrong capsule size.

The capsule has been inserted incorrectly.

How to Fix the Problem

Confirm if you have the correct capsule size for your selected cup size. Using the wrong capsule can result in producing substandard coffee.

Make sure the capsule cup is inserted correctly before starting the machine.

4. Coffee is Not Hot Enough

Lukewarm coffee can taste awful. If your coffee is not hot enough, it can result from a thermo block or a limescale and calcium build-up in the machine element.

After using the machine for long, build-up gathers due to minerals from tap water used in the coffee machines.

How to Fix the Problem

You can fix this by descaling your machine. Always follow the descaling instructions for your specific device using your manufacturer’s manual.

5. The Nespresso Machine Indicator Flashes with Orange Light Instantly Two Times in a Second

When you start the machine indicator, and it flashes with orange light instantly twice a second, your machine could be jammed up because of clogged filters.

Residual ingredients from coffee grounds and milk may get stuck in the machine causing the clogs.

How to Fix the Problem

Unplug your Nespresso Vertuo machine.

Remove the filters and run them in hot water.

Drain off excess water and put the filters back into the machine.

Turn it on to check if it’s working correctly.

6. Coffee from the Nespresso Machine Pours Out Slowly

Coffee pouring out slowly can be less of a worry if you use a new coffee variety.

Strong coffees such as ristretto pour out slowly compared to others as its coffee is a much finer grind.

If this happens with your regular coffee brand, it could result from a build-up of old coffee residues and oils in the wall of the coffee machine’s nozzle, washer plate, or brewing chamber.

These build-ups usually cause blockage to your device; if not checked out regularly, it might result in a permanent blockage.

How to Fix the Problem

With this, you only need to clean up the machine regularly using a cleaning capsule. Always check the manufacturer’s cleaning manual before starting the process.

7. The Red Indicator Light on the Nespresso Machine Blinks Repeatedly Until Turned Off

If the red indicator light on the machine blinks repeatedly, the device has been accidentally put into the descaling mode.

Additionally, it could indicate a blocked capsule in your machine. When this happens, the machine alerts you via a maintenance light.

How to Fix the Problem

If your machine is in the descaling mode, follow the steps to exit the descaling mode. But if the machine does not work, this could indicate a significant problem, and you will need to seek professional help.

For a blocked capsule, check the capsule container to examine whether the capsules have been accidentally blocked. If that is the case, safely remove the capsule, and the machine will stop blinking.

8. The Red Indicator Blinks Twice, Then Turns Green for Good

When the red indicator light flashes twice and turns green for good, the first indicator could be an empty water reservoir or an indication of a missing capsule module from the head.

How to Fix the Problem

Start by checking the water levels in the water reservoir. If it’s empty, you’ll need to refill it.

For the capsule, you will have to push out the capsule and replace the head with a new pod, then start the machine.

9. The Machine Flashes Red and Yellow Lights Simultaneously

The simultaneous flashes could be as a result of the working outlet plugged incorrectly.

How to Fix the Problem

To resolve this problem, check if the working outlet is set correctly and for any other faults like an impaired power code or a faulty circuit breaker. If they need any replacement, replace them and turn it on again.

10. Long or Short Coffee Extraction Time

A proper espresso extraction time usually is around 25 to 30 seconds for one shot. If it takes longer or much shorter periods, this indicates a sediment build-up or a dirty grid plate.

How to Fix the Problem

Several solutions would help you fix this problem. Top of the options you should try are:

First, start with cleaning and descale the machine.

Second, using a paper clip, clean the spout of the sediment build-up, then rinse the machine with water without inserting the capsule.

Thirdly, check if you re-programmed the poor volume; you can do a factory reset to return to the original machine volumes.

Lastly, it would help if you cleaned the grid plate using a toothbrush to remove old coffee grounds clogged in the machine.

11. No Pressure in the Nespresso Machine

No pressure in the machine is a result of a faulty coffee pod. The machine might not be pumping water, or the tank may need to be watertight.

How to Fix the Problem

If the machine has no pressure, you will start by changing the coffee pod you use. If this doesn’t work out, check if the water reservoir is full and watertight.

Also, ensure the machine can pump water. If not, look for any debris or blockages in the pump caused mainly by coffee residues. If this doesn’t work out, you might need to replace the pump.

12. Blockage of the Machine Milk Container

Milk container blockage happens when milk circuits build up in the container, preventing the milk from frothing as it should, or poor seals of the milk container that let debris get stuck in the container flowing lines.

How to Fix the Problem

To solve this, you must routinely clean the milk frother to prevent further blockages. You must also remove the seals and fix the container with new ones.

13. Group Heads are Sprouting Water from Coffee Machine

Water leakages could be possible as a result of the machine not being correctly calibrated, or its time to have your machine serviced

How to Fix the Problem

First, you must replace your water reservoir, check your water dispenser orifice and clear out sediment in the coffee grounds filter. If this doesn’t work out, consider taking your machine for servicing.

14. Malfunctioning Steam Arm

A malfunctioning steam arm is majorly an outcome of an existing block on the steam nozzles or a damaged steam knob.

How to Fix the Problem

You need to wash the entire steam wand and flow high-pressure air through the nozzle to remove any other blockages.

Secondly, if the issue results from a damaged steam knob, you must get a new one.

15. Red Indicator Light Flashes Every Two Seconds

There are two possible reasons why your machine is behaving this way:

The first possible cause could be a power capacity shortage.

The second guess could be damaged or disconnected electrical wires in the machine.

How to Fix the Problem

If you use batteries to power the coffee machine, replace or recharge them.

Check and replace the damaged electrical wires with new ones before the subsequent use.

16. Nothing is Coming Out of the Nespresso Vertuo Machine

There are three possible reasons why nothing is coming out of your Nespresso machine:

Water tank is empty or has less than the required volume of water

The capsule is not inserted correctly

Your machine needs descaling

How to Fix the Problem

Nespresso machines do not have low sensors, and it affects their performance anytime the water volume drops. Before using it, check and fix the water level before starting the machine.

You must also regularly check if the capsule is inserted correctly before using the machine.

Lastly, have a cleaning cycle and descale as often as possible to fix any blockages on the machine.

16. Nespresso Coffee Machine Has Air Pockets

Air pockets on the coffee machine come when you brew the coffee without water in the water tank. Instead of functioning correctly, the machine blows air.

How to Fix the Problem

Follow these steps to eliminate the air from the machine:

Remove the capsule

Connect the water tank properly to the coffee machine

Press the brew coffee button in three trials. The step trial will let small amounts of air outside. The machine will change its sound and work properly with the second and third attempt.

Insert the capsule and brew your Coffee.

17. Blocked Coffee Spout

Blocked coffee spout happens when coffee grounds stop the coffee spout or when the coffee capsules tears.

How to Fix the Problem

You will need to poke the coffee spout using a paper clip. Keep poking until you find where the coffee grounds are blocking the coffee flow. Once it loosens, remove the capsule from the flush water, and the coffee grounds will come out.

18. Strainer Holder is Too Smudged to Load

This could indicate that the filter is filled with too much coffee than the required amounts or the group gasket of the machine is broken.

How to Fix the Problem

First, you must fill the filter with the optimal amount of coffee. It would be best if you also fixed the gasket to have the machine function properly.

19. Orange Indicator Remains on for Seconds Before Turning Off

This could be a result of an empty water reservoir.

How to Fix the Problem

Add water in the reservoir to capacity and restart the machine.

20. Non-compatible Capsules

You can quickly get a non-compatible capsule when you need a replacement due to missed measurements.

How to Fix the Problem

Make sure you get suitable capsules for your machine. Check the user’s manual for the correct measurements when purchasing new ones.


Final Thoughts

What’s your go to solution when your Nespresso Vertuo coffee machine indicates an underlying problem? This article has outlined for you 20 common problems and their solutions so you can fix it like a pro.

I may not have covered all the problems but I am sure these are the common problems with many Nespresso Vertuo coffee machines.

Bookmark this article because you may need to refer to it whenever you are stuck with your Nespresso Vertuo machine.

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