Doser Vs. Doserless Grinder

If you are a regular coffee drinker, then you must have known by now that the most delicious brew comes from freshly-ground coffee beans. And that makes the coffee grinder a vital tool during the coffee-making process. Even so, you have to decide whether to go for a doser or doserless coffee grinder. That is why this article talks about the doser vs. doserless grinder subject.

With the doser grinder, you grind your coffee beans into a doser chamber. The pre-measured coffee grounds stay in the doser chamber, waiting to be dispensed. But with the doserless grinder, ground coffee flows through the chute into your container or portafilter directly.

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What is the Meaning of the Terms Doser Grinder and Doserless Grinder?

A doser grinder is a coffee beans grinding tool with a chamber or container at its front side for collecting the already ground coffee. Most doser grinders are pie-shaped segments inside the doser chamber. When you pull the lever, they rotate dispensing coffee grounds. In every portioning, you get about 7 grams of ground coffee.

This pre-measured dosing is what makes the doser grinder stand out, especially in high-capacity environments.

The doserless coffee grinder, on the other hand, dispenses coffee grounds into the portafilter or container via a chute directly. A doserless grinder gives you total control over the number of coffee grounds to release. Therefore, you must know the coffee grounds quantity you want before grinding.

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Doser Vs. Doserless Grinder: Key Differences

To better understand the two grinder types, let’s take a quick tour of what makes them different.

1. Control and Dispensing of Coffee Grounds

The doser grinder has an in-built doser chamber that portions and holds the ground coffee before dispensing. All you have to do is pull the lever, and there, you get your pre-measured coffee grounds.

Even so, there has been an ongoing debate over the freshness of ground coffee in the doser. Therefore, you have to be keen when grinding to ensure that you only grind what you need at a particular time.

With the doserless coffee grinder, you have control over the grinding and portioning of your coffee grounds. You need to know the ingredient quantity you want and dispense the exact amount.

2. Cleaning

You have more cleaning work with the doser grinders than the doserless grinders. That’s because they have entire moving parts set and an in-built coffee grounds container.

Routine maintenance and cleaning involve using a brush to wipe away dust and a cloth to wipe away oils and other residues from all the grinder’s moving parts. The amount of time you spend cleaning this type of grinder is far more than what you could have taken on a doserless.

3. Price

Many believe that to acquire the best products in the market, you must be willing to spend more. But does that apply to the two grinder options at hand? Let’s find out.

If your budget is strict, doser grinders may seem expensive to you than doserless grinders. You can attribute the higher pricing to the grinder’s complexity and more moving parts. But again, I can say the doser grinder is worth the price. That’s because it makes your entire coffee grinding and brewing process easy.

4. Consistency

What drives most people to opt for a doser grinder over a doserless coffee grinder is that it helps deliver a consistent brew all through. And that’s why you will often find this type of grinder in places where customers expect consistency in their drink orders, like in coffee joints and cafes.

Besides, with the consistent portioning in doser grinders, baristas save more time and attend to many customers. That’s because they don’t have to measure coffee grounds manually before brewing, as is the case with the doserless grinders.

And again, in busy commercial coffee joints, there is no room for errors. You have to be consistent throughout to retain your customers. But with the doserless grinder, it’s possible to make coffee ground portioning mistakes before you get to master the exact size.

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Best Doser Coffee Grinders in the Market

In case you decide to buy this grinder type, the two best options to try out include:

1. RancilioRocky Coffee Grinder with Doser Chamber

This top-class grinder features the following:

A doser chamber dispensing coffee grounds into the portafilter directly

  • 50mm grinding burrs
  • Robust direct drive
  • Quietly operating motor
  • Large capacity tinted hopper
  • User-friendly

2. Breville BCG400SIL the Dose Control Coffee-Grinder

With this stainless-steel grinder, you get the following features:

  • Conical burrs that reduce grind heat to retain essential coffee beans oils
  • 60 simple grind settings
  • High versatility
  • Compact design

Doser Grinder Pros

  • Creates less mess and prevents wastage of coffee grounds
  • Less static
  • Pre-measured dosing quantities
  • Consistent brewing
  • Serve high-volumes

Doser Grinder Cons

  • More cleaning time and efforts
  • Leftover coffee
  • Possibility of cross-contamination of coffee grounds

The Best Doserless Coffee Grinder in the Market

When it comes to doserless grinders, I always recommend this one product:

The Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee Grinder

Like its doser counterpart, this grinder is one of a kind with exceptional features. It offers:

  • A grind on demand
  • Versatility
  • Simple adjustment control

The Doserless Coffee Grinder Pros

  • Guarantees ground coffee freshness because of grinding on demand
  • Highly versatile and delivers a grind for every brewing method
  • Cost you less to buy as compared to a doser grinder
  • Zero chances of mixing different grind sizes

Doserless Coffee Grinder Cons

  • Create a lot of loose coffee grounds mess
  • More coffee ground wastage
  • High static

DoserVs. Doserless Grinder: Which One Should You Go For

Both grinders have their pros and cons, and each stands out in its design and functions. But if you are looking for a coffee grinder that guarantees consistency and can handle high coffee demands, the doser grinder would be the best option.

But in the case that your budget is low and you would prefer a grinder that enables you to brew using other methods like drip or pour-over methods, the doserless coffee grinder should be your sure bet.

Final Thoughts

It is my hope that the topic doser vs. doserless grinder has shed some light. Besides, you have known the key differences between the two. So, the doser vs. doserless grinder thing is now clear in your mind thus deciding which of the two you should go for shouldn’t be a problem at all. Nonetheless, ensure you go for quality and buy from a reputable brand. If you are unsure about the brand to go for, check out the few options given above.

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