Espresso Machine Steamer Not Working: Fixes That Work

When it comes to heating and steaming milk, an espresso machine steam wand gives you the quickest way out. But your brewing process can come to a standstill if the espresso machine steamer is not working. How can you quickly fix it?

Unclog the steam wand with a needle and clean it, replace a defective temperature sensor, and change the thermostat if faulty. Additionally, you can also descale or replace the valve and the heating element if damaged.

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Why Your Espresso Machine Steamer Is Not Working And How To Remedy

It is not easy to tell right away the cause of the problem with your espresso steamer. You need to inspect your appliance to identify the issue and fix it. Nonetheless, here are the possible causes and how you can fix each of them:

1. Clogging/ Blockage In The Steam Wand

Debris, milk, and minerals like calcium and magnesium can remain stuck inside your steamer. If you fail to clean them regularly, the buildup will ultimately clog your appliance. Due to the blockage, your espresso machine steamer may not produce steam.

How To Fix: Use a pin or a needle to unclog the steamer. Then, place the steam arm in a glass with white vinegar and allow it to soak for some time.

Also, after using the steam wand, allow it to produce steam for a few seconds before switching it off again. That way, you will get rid of milk residues after making your favorite latte. I advise you do it immediately to minimize the chances of residues getting stuck.

2. Defective Temperature Sensor

If your steam arm is not clogged, the next thing to check is the temperature sensor. The role of the sensor in espresso machines is to detect the water temperature. When the brewing appliance attains the correct water temperature, the sensor signals the main circuit board.

A defective temperature sensor cannot detect if the water has attained the required temperature of 115oC, ideal for producing steam. As a result, warm water may come out of the steam arm instead of the expected steamed water.

How To Fix: Replace the defective temperature sensor with a new one.

3. Faulty Temperature Control Thermostat

A temperature control thermostat works by regulating the heat transfer to the water in the espresso machine. It ensures that water reaches and maintains the required temperature to produce steam.

The thermostat does this by opening and closing the circuit, depending on the water temperature. A damaged thermostat can cause hot water to come out of the steam arm, but not steam.

How To Fix: Buy a new temperature control thermostat from your manufacturer and replace the old one.

4. Broken or Clogged Heating Element

The primary role of the heating element is to heat water and keep it hot pending dispersion. Using tap water in your espresso machine leaves many mineral residues behind. The more the water heats up, the more it speeds up the formation of this limescale. With time, the limescale builds up around the heating element and the entire appliance clogging it.

How To Fix: Regularly descale your espresso machine with a descaling solution or white vinegar. For a damaged or broken heating element, replace it with a new one from the same manufacturer.

5. Clogged Solenoid Valve

The solenoid valve refers to an electric valve in charge of controlling the velocity of water and steam. It also regulates the inlet of water and the outlet of steam. When clogged, the solenoid valve release extremely low-pressure steam. In some cases, the valve may fail to release steam at all.

How To Fix: The first step you need to take is to clean the valve thoroughly with a descaling solution. After that, try testing it to see if it functions properly. If there is no change, I advise you to replace it with a new one.

Other Common Espresso Machine Problems And How To Fix Them

Apart from the steamer not working, your espresso machine can still run into some other issues. Allow me to take you through some of the problems and how to fix them.

Issue 1: Espresso Machine Not Working

It’s time to brew your espresso shot, but your espresso machine won’t run; what are the possible causes?

  • No adequate power supply
  • Damaged power cord
  • Clogged valves and tubes
  • High-sensitive switch fail
  • Heating coil failure

Remedy: For a clogged valve, use a needle or toothpick to remove debris from it. You can also run a brew cycle with white vinegar and thoroughly rinse with water.

If the switch and the power cord are damaged, it is advisable to get a replacement. However, to avoid safety hazards, call in a professional to do the job. Alternatively, you can talk to the manufacturer and see if they can help in a way.

Issue 2: Espresso Machine Has Clogged Filter Basket

You can tell if your filter basket has a clog by checking the resulting coffee. Your brew may be weak or with a funky flavor.

Remedy: Take out your reusable filter basket and thoroughly clean with warm soapy water. Afterward, dry it with a clean cloth. I advise you to clean it regularly to minimize material buildup.

For deep cleaning, soak the filter basket in the distilled mixture overnight. But if your time doesn’t allow, scrub it using a brush and some baking soda.

Issue 3: Espresso Machine Group Head Does Not Dispense Water

The primary cause of this issue is clogging because of improper or zero cleaning.

Remedy: Follow the steps below to backflush your espresso machine daily;

  1. Pull out the filter basket from the portafilter, and put it in the backflush disc.

Take ½ teaspoon of backflush cleaner and pour into the filter basket.

  • Return the portafilter in the brew group, and switch on the pump.
  • The pump will remain extremely quiet for about 20 seconds. It is because of the pressure building up inside. When there is enough pressure buildup, the pump will be noticeably quiet. At this point, switch the pump off.
  • A whoosh sound will come out as the cleaner blows up via the three-way valve into the brew group. Thereafter, it will drip on the tray. Repeat the process several times until you see a clean foam dripping on the tray.
  • Take out the handle and rinse with clean water. Put it to its place and backflush your espresso machine with clean water severally. The aim is to rinse the cleaner from it.

Issue 4: Espresso Machine Has Slow Or No Coffee Supply

If you are not receiving coffee from your espresso, the grind setting could be the culprit here. Probably, the grind size is too fine. Another cause is an overdose of coffee grounds.

Remedy: Change the grind size to be coarser. Use a scale to measure the exact proportion of coffee grounds to avoid overdosing. However, if you still notice some irregularities, there could be a bigger problem. Contact a qualified technician for help.

Final Thoughts

If you have been sitting there watching with despair your espresso machine steamer not working, this article can give you relief. It’s easy to fix most of the problems you may encounter with your brewing machine. Just refer to this article every time you notice something unusual with your espresso machine.

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