Fastest and Simplest Ways to Clean Ninja Coffee Bar

No more problems with your ninja coffee bar because of poor cleaning. With this article, you get the fastest and simplest ways to clean the Ninja coffee bar. That way, you can get back to brewing a clean, full-bodied cup of coffee once again.

Ninja coffee bar routine cleaning should involve washing all the removal parts with soap and water. Also, wipe the exterior part of the brewer with a wet cloth. To deep clean, the coffee machine, run a brew cycle with white vinegar or the descaling solution.

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1. Routine Cleaning of the Ninja Coffee Bar

Regular rinsing is vital for your Ninja coffee bar to keep sparkling while giving you a delicious sip. Each time you use your coffee maker, ensure you rinse the permanent filter, filter holder, tray, and carafe. Also, rinse the water reservoir before refilling with water.

Also, if there are any spillages on the heating pad, wait for it to cool and wipe them off with a cloth. Further, use a wet cloth to wipe the outside part of the ninja coffee bar. But while doing so, be careful not to break the warming plate, which is very delicate.

Always check all the visible parts for coffee buildup, especially in the carafe. If you notice any, use soap and water to clean your carafe. Use a sponge or a soft bottle brush on your glass carafe to avoid excessive scratching.

Ninja sells its carafe sponge brush but, you can still use any from your local market. If you have a dishwasher machine, feel free to place the carafe on your dishwasher’s top rack.

Your milk frother also needs routine cleaning. Rinse it after every use. You can do so by pouring warm water in a cup halfway and holding it in the frother right below the surface. Thereafter, turn the frother on for about 20-30 seconds.

To give it a deeper clean, unlock and slide off the whisk. Wash the whisk in the sink using soap and water.

2. Cleaning the Ninja Coffee Bar with White Vinegar

If your cleaning light is on, and won’t go off, then it’s time to give your Ninja coffee bar a deep clean. In this case, I will teach you how to clean the Ninja coffee bar with white vinegar.

Step 1:  Prepare Your Ninja Coffee Bar

Remove any coffee grounds from the filter basket and empty the water reservoir.

Step 2: Pour Your White Vinegar in the Water Reservoir

Fill the water reservoir to the 16-ounce travel mug line with white vinegar. Add in clean water to reach the maximum fill line. Be keen not to exceed the Max Fill line. The travel mug line refers to the second line from the water reservoir’s bottom.

I advise you to stick to white vinegar because other vinegar types like rice vinegar won’t work.

Step 3: Put an Empty Carafe Beneath the Filter Basket

The work of the empty carafe is to hold all the brewed cleaning liquid. And so, you have to select the full carafe brew.

Step 4: Press the Clean Button to Start the Cycle

After pressing the clean button, you will see the countdown timer and the letters CLN on your brewer’s clock display. Be sure not to touch any other button when the clean cycle is in progress.

Clean cycle times of Ninja coffee bars vary depending on the model. But mostly, the clean cycle lasts for an hour. Therefore, you have to be patient enough to allow the entire process to complete. When the coffee machine completes the clean cycle, the clean lights will automatically turn off.

Step 5: Empty the Carafe

Pour out all the cleaning liquid from the carafe and rinse with clean water. Be careful when you pour out the fluid from the carafe. That’s because it is often hot, like brewed coffee. Also, rinse the water reservoir and the filter.

Step 6: Fill the Water Reservoir with Clean Water and Run a Rinse Cycle

Remember to return the carafe to its place to hold the water. Select the full carafe brew option and allow your Ninja coffee bar to brew as usual. It will take about 8 minutes.

Step 7: Run Another Water Only Clean Cycle

You have to thoroughly rinse your Ninja coffee bar with water for all the white vinegar traces to flow out. That way, your next coffee cup will not taste like vinegar. If this round is still not enough to eliminate traces of white vinegar, feel free to run another water-only cycle.

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3. Descaling the Ninja Coffee Bar with a Descaling Solution

You might be there wondering how to descale your Ninja coffee bar with the specified descaling solution. Well, I got you covered on this. Luckily, the procedure is the same as when using white vinegar.

Descaling solutions often come with instructions on how to use them; remember to check out. Ensure you dilute with water accordingly and follow the 7 steps above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Final Thoughts

Feel free to use these fastest and simplest ways to clean the Ninja coffee bar every time. I bet you will love the results. Besides, I am sure you are yarning to brew your next cup without any disruptions.

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