How Many Calories in a Latte with Skim Milk?

How soothing was your last latte drink? It seems you really enjoyed it. Right? But the workout time you take to burn those extra calories freaks me out. Now, before you order your next glass, take a look at the number of calories in a skim milk latte. It might be a better option for you.

Depending on the size, a latte with skim milk has 70-170 calories. The small eight fluid ounce size contains 70 calories, the 12 fluid ounce size has 100 calories, 16 fl oz size carries 130 calories, and the large 20 fl oz size has about 170 calories.

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Can You Notice The Difference Between Whole Milk And Skim Milk in a Latte?

You may fail to notice the difference if you care less about the intricacies of texture and flavor in your latte. However, if you pay attention to detail, the differences between the two latte drinks are noticeable. Also, each of them carries its pros and cons.

Skim milk foams fast with large bubbles. The foam looks more stable and remains foamy on your latte a bit longer. It is harder to foam whole milk because of the fat inside. Though, the final latte product is thicker, heavier, and silkier. But you have to use the right amounts of milk.

Skim milk lacks fats, thus makes a lighter latte than whole milk. Nonetheless, it is the best option if you are looking to cut down on calories intake.

The Amount of Calories in a Latte with Skim Milk

The small latte mug, eight fluid ounces size, contains about 70 calories and zero fats. Carbohydrates produce 63% of the calories, while 38% come from protein.

For a 12 fluid ounce latte mug, you get around 100 calories. The sources of calories are 60% from carbohydrates, and 40% come from protein.

When it comes to the 16 fluid ounce size, the calories are 130. They come from carbohydrates 57% and proteins 39%.

Finally, the big latte mug size of a 20-fluid ounce carries about 170 calories. Whereby carbohydrates supply 59% of the calories, and protein contributes 38%.

How To Prepare a Latte with Skim Milk at Home

Look! You can kickstart your day with a skim milk latte without spending an extra penny. Also, you don’t need any fancy equipment. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy your delicious cup.


  • single or double shot of espresso. A strong brewed coffee will still do a better job.
  • 8 ounces of skim milk


  • A saucepan
  • Whisker (preferably aluminum)
  • Latte mug
  • Coffee brewing machine

Let’s Now Prepare

  • Brew your espresso or coffee of choice.
  • While the espresso continues to brew, pour your milk into a saucepan on a stove, and warm it under medium heat. It will take 30-45 seconds for it to be hot.
  • After heating your skim milk, vigorously froth it using the aluminum whisk until it creates foam.
  • Put your brewed espresso or coffee into your latte mug. While holding the cup at a slant, slowly pour your milk into the espresso from afar, and move the hand closer as you fill the cup. Add all the remaining foam on top. Doing that creates a beautiful latte art on top of your drink.
  • There you have it. Enjoy your latte with skim milk.

Can You Make a Perfect Latte Art with Skim Milk?

Perfect latte arts rely on two components:

  • The barista’s artistic skill
  • Proper milk steaming

Due to the zero fats and high protein level, skim milk creates foam containing large air bubbles. The form also stays for long, which makes it produce latte art that lasts longer. Though, you must be very careful and gentle when steaming your skim milk.

Also, avoid over-heating your milk. Too high temperatures break down milk protein changing the taste and smell of your latte.

I do not dispute the fact that whole milk yields creamer foam. It’s just that the foam does not last long as compared to the skim milk foam.

Health Benefits of Drinking Lattes with Skim Milk

  • Skim milk contains zero fats and fewer calories, which reduces the risk of heart disease due to cholesterol buildup.
  • Just like whole milk, skim milk supplies your body with potassium, which reduces blood pressure.
  • You acquire a good dose of protein from a single glass.
  • It contains enough calcium for strong teeth and bones.
  • Skim milk lattes are the best options to lower saturated fat intake.
  • You obtain minerals and vitamins.
  • It aids in wound healing and blood clotting.

Skim Milk Versus Whole Milk: Which One Makes a Tastier Cup?

When it comes to the taste of latte, whole milk gets all the credit. It contains the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins, sugar, fats, and water. Therefore, it creates a creamy and smooth taste in your latte and microfoam.

On the other hand, skim milk has no fat, which cuts on calories. However, the presence of the calories changes milk taste slightly. It can dilute your coffee and make it tasteless or sometimes bitter. But you can avoid this by using fresh skim milk.

Whole milk creates a rich, smooth, and creamy taste in a latte. Its foam is also creamy but stays for a short time.

On the contrary, skim milk seems lighter, and some people may feel a watery taste in the latte. But it depends on how you make your latte. If you use the correct quantity of skim milk and do the steaming and frothing well, trust me, you will enjoy a heavenly sip.

The flip side of skim milk is that it foams and stabilizes fast. Also, the foam stays longer compared to whole milk.

How Do You Froth Skim Milk?

You can foam your milk at home without a frothing device in two ways;

The first option is to pour your skim milk into a big jar and tightly cover it with the lid. Thoroughly shake your jar until the skim milk becomes frothy. It can take you 30-60 seconds.

Alternatively, use a whisk to froth the milk. I personally prefer the aluminum whisk, but you can use any. What you need to do is to whisk your skim milk thoroughly until it froths.


Lattes with skim milk contain fewer calories compared to those with whole milk. The calories range from 70-170 depending on the drink size. So, if you plan to cut down on calories in your latte drinks, skim milk is the way to go.