How Much Caffeine is in Premier Protein Café Latte?

Have you ever tried out the premier protein café latte? If not, don’t hesitate to give it a shot. I am sure you are going to love it. And you might be asking yourself, how much caffeine is in premier protein café latte? Don’t worry; I am here to help.

Premier protein café latte contains 35.28 mg of caffeine per 100 ml (10.43 mg per fl oz) An 11.5 fl oz bottle contains 120 mg of caffeine.

However, you may still ask, what is a premier protein café latte? How does it taste like? How do you prepare the drink? What are the nutritional benefits of the beverage?

What is Premier Protein Café Latte?

Premium protein café latte is a caffeinated coffee-flavored protein beverage. The latte drink is creamy, smooth, and delicious and contains large amounts of protein lifts and less sugar.

The drink is labeled to contain caffeine that is equivalent to that in a cup of coffee. The caffeine content in café latte protein is about 120mg. If you are a coffee enthusiast, then you will definitely love this drink.

The other premium proteins flavors include:

  • Caramel
  • Apple cinnamon
  • Oats and maple
  • Blueberry and cream
  • Chocolate hazelnut
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate peanut butter
  • Cookies and cream
  • Strawberry and cream
  • Banana and cream

What Does The Premier Protein Café Latte Taste Like?

Premier protein café latte has a chocolate and caramel taste. Café latte protein gives you a rich caffeinated coffee flavor that is creamy, smooth, and delicious. The drink also has less sugar, which makes you feel the sweet taste of coffee.

What are The Nutritional Benefits of Premier Protein Café Latte?

  • The shake contains 30g of protein that is essential for body nourishment. It is also a vital nutrient for bodybuilding and maintaining muscles. Studies point out it is beneficial to consume 25-30g of protein in every meal you take.
  • The drink has only a gram of sugar. Taking care of our health is paramount. It involves cutting down on the amount of sugar intake.
  • The taste is award-winning. Cafe latte protein has a wide range of indulgent, mouthwatering flavors. Besides, the smooth and creamy texture is unmatchable.
  • You stay full and fueled. Every day’s tussles can be overwhelming. You can’t afford to work on an empty stomach. Premier protein café latte has 30g protein that keeps you full and energized to face whatever comes your way.
  • The beverage contains 24 vitamins and minerals. Your body needs a daily supplement of vital nutrients and minerals. Luckily, when you make it a habit of taking premier protein café latte, your body gets enough nutrients it needs. That way, you get to boost your immune system. Thus, you stay strong.
  • Premier protein café latte supports a healthy immune system. The shakes have essential vitamins like C and D, which are antioxidants. They help maintain a healthy immune system.
  • You get a boost of caffeine. With a premier protein café latte, you get the same amount of caffeine as you would with a cup of coffee.
  • The shake has low fat. Taking premier protein café latte helps you avoid medical conditions such as high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes. That’s because of its low-fat content.

How Do You Make a Café Latte Protein Coffee Smoothie?

The ingredients are:

  • One teaspoon almond butter
  • A half teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Three-quarter cup of café latte protein shake
  • ½ frozen banana. (The more it ripe, the sweeter it becomes)
  • Ice


Put all the ingredients above in a blender and thoroughly blend until they become smooth. Serve your café latte protein smoothie immediately.

How Much Caffeine is in Premier Protein Café Latte?

Caffeine in premier protein café latte is as much as that in a cup of coffee. It is equivalent to about120mg of caffeine. It means that the drink holds high strength caffeine. Among all the premier protein products, café latte contains the highest caffeine content.

The amount of caffeine in café latte protein is safe for consumption. According to medical experts, you can take up to 400mg of caffeine daily if you are a healthy adult.

However, caffeine has positive and negative effects. Therefore, I advise that you stick to a safe daily amount of caffeine. That way, you will avoid the harsh effects of caffeine overdose.

Can I Drink More Than One Café Latte Protein a Day?

My short answer is yes. You can take one to two café latte protein shakes in a day. Just ensure that you do not exceed the recommended amount of caffeine intake per day.

Can You Replace a Meal with Premier Protein Cafe Latte?

You cannot use any protein shake to replace a meal. The shakes act as supplements for your diet. They enable you to achieve your daily protein requirements, especially when you are active. They are also metabolism boosters. The 30g protein in every café latte protein boosts your energy, especially after a workout.

You can replace your meals with meal replacement drinks. Experts design them for that purpose. If you decide to use protein shakes as meal replacements, you may not get the long-term results you are seeking to achieve.

Does the Café Latte Protein Shake Cause Weight Loss?

Premier protein café latte cannot cause weight loss. That is not the original purpose. Protein shakes are ideal for people who require high protein levels. This group of people includes outdoor adventurers, athletes, and regular gym hobbyists.

Your muscles need protein to recover and grow after training and intense exercises. Therefore, if your protein intake is low, you may have fragile bones, sluggish metabolism, muscle loss, and slowed recovery. My expert advice is that you consume your café latte protein before and after exercising.

If you are looking for a drink to aid your weight loss journey, then a meal replacement drink might be what you need.

 Do not confuse the two because protein drinks and meal replacement drinks are not the same. Premier protein shakes supply your body with many vital ingredients, but you cannot use them to replace a meal.

Parting Shot

If you are a fan of coffee drinks, you need to try out the premier protein café latte. The caffeinated coffee-flavored drink is smooth, creamy, and delicious.

Besides, if you had doubts about the amount of caffeine in premier protein café latte, I believe by now you are well informed. The caffeine in the protein beverage is just the same as that in a cup of coffee. Therefore, it is safe for human consumption.