How Often Do I Change Keurig Filter

Having a Keurig coffee machine is a great way to have an energizing cup of coffee in the morning. It helps you brew your morning coffee in less time and sets you in the mood to start the day. However, with continuous usage, you will note that the taste begins to change, which is a sign you need a filter change, thus, you may ask, how often do I change Keurig filter?

You should change your Keurig filter every 2 months or after 40 gallons of use (60-tank refills). If your machine has started showing signs of changing taste or issues related to how much coffee is getting brewed, then it’s time to replace your filter.

What Is The Work Of The Filter?

The filter is a small piece of paper that gets placed in the pod, and it has two functions. One is to keep coffee grinds contained, and second, it filters out any other foreign object from being mixed with your coffee.

Since this filter is your essential determinant to a tasty coffee, you need to ensure that it’s kept clean at all times. Nobody wants to have their coffee with unnecessary materials floating around their cup. I bet you do not want that too, so the need to have a sound filter in place.

How Does a Keurig Filter Get Worn Out?

The reason the filter gets worn out is because of its exposure to water. The more you use your Keurig coffee maker, the more saturated with water it becomes, losing its filtering ability over time. When this happens, you will start having a distinctly different taste that was not present before once you sip your coffee.

If you cannot go a day without taking a cup of coffee, noticing the difference will be easier. Hence, you will act quickly and replace the filter before the current filter loses its capabilities entirely.

How Long Does The Average Keurig Water Filter Last?

Well, the shelf-life of the active filter depends on the usage frequency the machine gets. The Keurig water filter can provide about 40 gallons of pure coffee before it wears out. If you are using it alone, you can expect the water filter to last longer without replacing it.

If you are an average coffee drinker, the filter can last for about two to three months. The case will change if you have a more prominent family at home who want to have a cup of coffee now and then.

Why Do You Need To Change Your Keurig Filter?

There are two main reasons why you need to change your Keurig filter. The first one is that it affects how the water flows into the brewer and how it continuously gets filtered when brewing coffee.

When using your machine for a long time, you will note an accumulation of oils from the different flavors used. This happens on the mesh screen at the top, thus reducing the amount of water flowing through it.

The second reason is that the filter can increase your machine’s life expectancy and ensure you get a better taste of coffee every time you brew one. The old filters often are worn out to the extent that they no longer hold on to flavor, which means even at brewing, you will not get the rich flavors desired.

How Often Should The Filter Change Be?

You can see the highlighted manufacture instructions on how often you need to change the filter in the manual. However, depending on the nature and frequency of use, you have to change the given routine.

It’s recommended to replace your Keurig filter every 60 days of use for best results.

How Do You Change Keurig Water Filter?

Watch this video to see the fastest and easiest way of changing a Keurig filter:

Alternatively, you can follow these steps to change your Keurig filter:

  1. Start by turning off the machine and unplug it from the power source.
  2. Remove the water reservoir and turn it upside down to pour out all remaining water into your sink.
  3. Raise the Keurig brewer using both hands to lift off the K-Cup Holder’s top section with an attached filter. This step will release a latch that will allow you to lift off the top area completely.
  4. Pull out the filter from K-Cup Holder, dispose of it in your garbage bin.
  5. Put a new Keurig filter, lower the Keurig back into position, and close the top section containing K-Cup Holder with the attached filter.
  6. Switch on your machine to ensure it’s working well or not, and if there are any issues, you can call Keurig Customer Care for help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Thoughts

Having a cup of fresh-brewed morning coffee is a satisfying feeling every coffee lover longs to have. The Keurig coffee brewer has made this come true for its ease and excellent coffee results.

However, for an enhanced coffee drink, you need to know how often you should change the filter. The above article has highlighted all you need to know. I have even answered some of the frequently asked questions.