How Often Should You Clean Your Keurig?

Keurig cleaning or descaling frequency has always been a tricky thing to many people. But if you want your Keurig to operate optimally, you need to clean it regularly. Equipped with the right descaling ingredients, you will be able to make your coffee machine functional for a long time. But how often?

Rinse and refill your Keurig reservoir daily by thoroughly cleaning the k-cup holder, reservoir, and drip tray. Clean the exterior part of the Keurig at least once a week or as frequently as possible if things are dire. Descale your brewer after 3-6 months to minimize material buildup in your Keurig.

But why do you need to clean your Keurig?

3 Reasons To Clean Your Keurig

  1. If you are a coffee person like me, you know how crucial having tasty coffee is. You want to savor every moment in your sips, thus needing a clean coffee brewer at your disposal. Due to frequent usage, your coffee remains will line up inside your machine. You need to remove them before they turn to scale.
  2. If a Keurig gets left uncleaned for some time, there is a chance that mold will start growing. This can prove toxic to your health, and you do not want to have a mild poisoning case in your hands. Besides, any coffee that you will brew before cleaning out the mold will have a foul taste.
  3. The continuous accumulation of scale will limit the water’s ability to extract coffee flavor. You hence will be having a weak coffee taste that won’t delight your taste buds.

How Often Should You Clean Your Keurig?

Keeping the Keurig machine clean is not attributed to having the outer appearance shiny. It means having the inside and out components clean too. This is because the smooth running of the machine depends on the state of cleanliness it contains. So how often can you clean this machine?

Well, it all depends on the usage frequency you have for it. It’s also essential to note that letting it sit idle on the kitchen counter does not guarantee it will remain clean. This is because dust particles can settle on it and build up over time. You can clean your brewer:


With the daily routine, you won’t have to take into consideration all the components generally. Your goal is to get coffee at the convenience of time in the morning. So the need for some freshwater for that excellent cup but before that, ensure you rinse the water reservoir well. You can do this by draining away the water in it and pouring in a clean supply of water.

Once A Week

In this routine, you will go beyond the daily norm to clean some of the Keurig machine’s other parts. Here, you can wash them with warm soapy water, especially the removable parts, and let them dry. You can use a damp cloth for the drip tray to wipe the dirt or any liquid spillage present. Once dry, assemble the parts back together for another fruitful week.

Once A Month

During this routine check, you should maximize your reach to the cleanable areas. You want to have your Keurig well cleaned to remove any impurities limiting its usability. In case of any limescale build-up, having a descaler around can also come in handy to ensure nothing gets left behind.

Besides this process won’t take more than fifteen minutes of your time hence you can do it when relaxing or during the weekend. In this check, you can also look at the state of your water filter and change it if necessary. This is the best service check you can do for your Keurig machine to ensure it keeps serving you that tasty coffee with convenience.

What Do You Need To Clean Your Keurig?

Cleaning your Keurig is a simple process requiring simple tools. All you need is a cloth, a mild detergent or soap, paper towels, clean water, and a paper clip. These can be easily reachable without much trouble as they lie within your living space.

How Do You Clean Your Keurig?

As mentioned, this will not take more than 20 minutes of your time. So let’s get on with it.

  1. Safety is paramount in operating any electronic appliance around the house. So unplug the machine from your electrical outlet.
  2. You need to remove the removable components like the drip tray, water reservoir and K-cup holder. After removing them, wash them well with a soapy solution, rinse and set them aside to dry.
  3. Using the paper clip reach out for the exit needles and push out any build-up present. Take caution as you do not want any injuries in this process. So do not use your finger, and also do not forget the top exit.
  4. Wipeout any coffee ground remains using the toothbrush with close observation to the holder and the handle. Check for any stains lurking on the surfaces and use the damp cloth to wipe them away.
  5. Now comes the last step in the process; after ensuring all is clean, assemble the components. Once everything is set, plug on the machine, add clean water and run a brew. Repeat the brewing process until you are sure that the machine is well cleaned.

Alternatively, you can watch this video that explains everything you need to know about cleaning your Keurig coffee maker:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Thoughts

Having a Keurig machine in your kitchen strokes your coffee spirit. Nut this can change if your machine runs into trouble due to lack of cleaning. The above guide tells you why cleaning your Keurig is crucial and how often you should clean it. Yet, there are some answers to common questions you may have.