How To Clean Nespresso VertuoLine With Vinegar

The last time I talked about a Vertuo was when doing a comparison between the Vertuo and the VertuoPlus. However, I must admit that like the psyche and speed that comes when brewing with Nespresso VertuoLine. However, things change when it’s time to clean the Nespresso VertuoLine coffee maker, and some don’t clean it at all. But, to continue enjoying that rich caffeinated bliss, I will help you understand how to clean Nespresso machine with vinegar.

Prepare your coffee machine and fill the water tank with equal amounts of white vinegar and water. Enter descaling mode by press-holding the button for 7 seconds, then allow your brewer to descale. Refill the water tank with clean water to rinse the descaling solution from the machine.

Why You Need to Clean Your Nespresso Vertuoline

If you want to get the most out of your Nespresso vertuoline machine and enable it to give you a long-lasting service, regularly clean and descale it. Limescale is a threat to your Nespresso machine and other capsule-based coffee machines.

Limescale results from the water you use for brewing, especially tap water. When the water is heated, some minerals deposit inside your coffee machine. With time, the mineral deposits build up in various brewer parts preventing it from functioning smoothly.

The extraction pressure may start to reduce while the pumps prematurely wear out. Besides, calcium buildup can snatch away the soothing taste of your coffee. And that’s why it is vital to regularly clean and descale your Nespresso machine.

You can descale it after every 2-3 months. Even so, the duration to take depends on how hard your water is and how often you use your Nespresso machine.

Another time to clean and descale your Nespresso is when you want to brew with the machine again after not using it for quite a long time. Possibly, the water that remained in the coffee machine evaporated, leaving limescale deposits that can make your coffee taste bitter, although it’s something you can fix.

How to Clean Nespresso Vertuoline with Vinegar

A vertuoline machine can alert you when it’s due for a descale. You may see the lights blinking three times before becoming steady. Luckily, the procedure for cleaning the brewer with vinegar is simple. You don’t have to dismantle the entire Nespresso machine to clean it.

You will need:

  • White vinegar
  • Clean water


Adhere to the following steps:

1: Prepare your Nespresso Vertuoline

The preparation process differs from one Nespresso to another. Therefore, it is vital to read the user’s manual before making any step. Basically, you will need to remove all the capsules from your vertuoline, leaving the capsule container empty.

Also, take the drip tray, empty it, and clean it. Afterward, return the drip tray to the brewer.

Remember to put a container beneath the coffee outlet. It should be large enough to hold the water that will flow from your brewer.

2: Fill the Water Tank with Vinegar Mixed with Water

Maintain a ratio of 1:1 when preparing your descaling solution. That’s to mean, measure the equal amounts of vinegar and water, then mix them in the water tank. To avoid shortages later, ensure you prepare an adequate descaling solution. Besides, use warm water to attain better results.

3: Turn on the Nespresso Machine and Enter Descaling Mode

First lock yourNespresso vertuoline machine. Then switch it on by pressing the button on the top. At this point, unlock your coffee machine and close it. As the vertuoline preheats, you will see the button flashing and become steady eventually.

When flashing stops, put the coffee machine to a descaling mode by pressing and holding the button for 7 seconds. Luckily, the Nespresso vertuoline has only one button. That eliminates the possibility of confusion.

4: Begin the Descaling Process

Turn the lever left to the lock symbol to lock your Nespresso machine and turn it right to unlock it. Once again, press and hold the button for 7 seconds. Thereafter, sit back and wait for the descaling solution to run through your Nespresso and drain.

PS: If the brewer fails to start draining, restart the process by locking the machine, press and hold the button.

5: Rinse Out Everything

When all the descaling solution has drained from the coffee machine, bring out the water tank and the drip tray to thoroughly rinse them. Afterward, fill the water tank with clean water. Allow the water to cover more than half of the tank.

Return the water tank to the coffee machine and lock it. At this point, press and hold the button to allow the water to run through your coffee machine. The purpose of this is to remove all the descaling solutions from it. Your Nespresso vertuoline will automatically stop when the process is complete.

Note that you can repeat the rinsing process 2-3 times to ensure that you eliminate the descaling solution from the coffee machine.

6: Exit Descaling Mode

Once the rinsing is complete, press-hold the button again for 7 seconds. When it becomes steady, know that you have completed the descaling process.

7: Allow Your Coffee Machine to Dry

 I advise you to wait for 10 minutes to allow the Nespresso vertuoline to dry before using.

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Final Thoughts

With all this information on why and how to clean Nespresso machine with vinegar, I hope you give your brewing machine the care it deserves. Proper cleaning will make your coffee machine serve you for the longest time while delivering a rich, fragrant cup every day. Enjoy caffeinating.