How to Make Distilled Water More Drinkable

If you are used to drinking tap water or even filtered water, then distilled water may taste odd to you. But with the increase in heavy water pollution, distilling water seems to be the best way to protect yourself from impurities. For that reason, I will show you how to make distilled water more drinkable.

You can make distilled water more drinkable by passing it through the carbon filter, adding some fruit flavors, pink salt, or mineral drops. Alternatively, you can use a mineral-infusing bottle with in-fitted filters to make your distilled water more drinkable.

Why Distilled Water Tastes Odd

The distillation process involves heating water to evaporate. Afterward, it includes collecting and condensing the steam to get pure water.

The process removes all contaminants and minerals from the water. These minerals are the ones that give water its taste. But if they are absent, the water becomes flat and tasteless.

Even so, not all hope is lost. There are ways to make this distilled water taste better and more drinkable.

How to Make Distilled Water Taste Better

Although some people use distilled water for drinking, there are several safe ways to make the water taste even better. Here are a few proven ways:

1. Use the Carbon Filter

Distillers like the Megahome water distiller have a post distillation filter that replenishes all the minerals back to the water. But if you don’t have it, no worries. I am sure you will find some good carbon filter options in the market.

How to Use It

For those distillers that come with a carbon filter, wait for the entire distillation to be complete and all minerals replenished before you can collect your water.

If you have to use a separate carbon filter, collect your distilled water. After that, pass the distilled water through the carbon filter while you fetch the resulting liquid in a container. The process will make your distilled water more drinkable again.

2. Add to the Distilled Water Trace Mineral Drops

The method is hustle-free and enables you to restore mineral taste in your water in no time. All you have to do is include a few trace mineral drops in your distilled water before drinking.

How to Use It

Trace mineral liquid comes in different brands like Trace Minerals Research. I am sure you will find some other good brands in the commercial shops near you.

Whichever brand you are using, do the following to make your distilled water taste better:

  • Fill your glass with distilled water.
  • Add to the water 2-3 drops of trace minerals. Before you do this, check the packaging to see what the manufacturer recommends.
  • Thorough mix them. You can stir with a spoon to dissolve the trace minerals.
  • Enjoy your naturally tasting distilled water.

3. Use Mineral Infusing Water Bottle

In the current commercial markets, your needs can never go unaddressed. And that’s why you are also covered when it comes to water bottles containing mineral-infusing filters. These water bottles can incorporate vital minerals and ions in your distilled water, making the water have a better taste.

How to Use It

  • Take your mineral-infusing water bottle.
  • Add some distilled water to the bottle.
  • The filter inside the bottle will automatically infuse minerals and ions into your water.
  • Ideal to drink on the go, mostly when late

4. Add Pink Salt

When you add pink salt to your distilled water, it makes it salty and more acceptable in taste. Besides, pink salt adds many essential minerals to your water. These minerals are vital in maintaining a healthy body.

How to Use It

Probably, you already have pink salt in your kitchen. But if not, you can still find it in your local market because it is a popular product.

  • Scoop a teaspoon of your pink salt and add it to the distilled water in a container. The amount of distilled water in the container should be about a gallon.
  • Use a spoon to stir to distribute the minerals and salts evenly
  • Drink your tasty and healthy substitute.

5. Add Fruity Flavors

After this, I believe you will make this hack your favorite. That’s because it makes your distilled water tastier compared to its natural alternative.

With this, you have two options to use. The first option is to use natural flavors such as lime, lemon, or oranges. Alternatively, you can opt for the fruit-flavored powders available in your local market.

Even though options are endless, take precautions not to use too much sugar as it can cause health problems. I advise you only stick to the natural flavors for your distilled water to be healthy and more drinkable.

How to Go About It

When it comes to using fruity flavors, you have many ways to go about it. Here is one of them.

  • Squeeze some lemon or orange juice, almost half a cup
  • Add it to a gallon of distilled water
  • The resulting drink will have a refreshing taste that keeps you energetic and fresh.

Note: If you like the natural taste of your distilled water, feel free to consume it as it is. But if you can’t stand the pure taste, use any of the above hacks to make the distilled water tastier and more drinkable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Thoughts

It’s time to enjoy your distilled water by using any of the hacks above to make distilled water more drinkable. Apart from your distilled water tasting better, these options will make it healthy too. That’s because you will get to replenish most of the minerals back into your water.

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