How To Turn On Keurig (Ultimate Guide on Different Keurigs)

Wondering how to turn on Keurig that you bought the other day? Relax. You are not alone. This guide on how to turn on Keurig is all you need. Remember, you are not alone in this and the fact that nobody is watching you right now as you struggle to turn it on is a relief.

Perhaps, you are also wondering if this post will cover everything, you need to know how to turn on Keurig. The answer is YES. This post will address that subject even more. It will provide you with tips that are necessary for operating the different series of Keurig coffee makers.

So, pull that chair, and let’s talk in detail about this Keurig thing.

Things To Note On How To Turn On Keurig

  • While I will try to focus on the general topic – how to turn on Keurig, you should be keen, to see the kind of Keurig coffeemaker you have in front of you. I say this because to be honest, I may not be able to talk about every Keurig.
  • Nonetheless, the tips you will learn on this post will help you operate your Keurig smoothly, without any major complications. 
  • Some Keurigs in the market today have the ability to handle large volumes, with some carrying up to 12 cups while others handle a cup.
  • With that said, when Keurigs came to the market, they were selling as single-cup coffeemakers. As many people developed love for the Keurig, the manufacturer decided to increase the capacity.
  • Even with the increase in their capacity, the basic functionalities remained the same only for a few sophistications here and there.

The size of Keurig you choose depends on a number of things. Some of the things that will help you decide on the size you’ll buy include:

  • Your current budget.
  • The amount of coffee you want per serving.
  • The number of people you want the Keurig to serve.
  • Space in your kitchen or your office drawer.
  • The size of backpack you carry to the office/work.

How Many Types Of Keurigs Are There?

Basically, there’re three types of Keurigs, and learning how to turn on Keurig will help you know how to handle this important home appliance. The first type is a single cup. The second is Keurig Plus, an advanced version of the first one (this is what you find in most homes). Lastly, there is a commercial Keurig model.

Perhaps you have visited premium offices and seen large Keurig coffeemakers. These ones have extremely large reservoirs meant to serve many people.

With that intro about the coffeemaker, now it is time to delve into the gist …

How To Turn On A Keurig

Whether you have just bought a Keurig K15 K-Cup, K-Mini, Keurig K575 K-Cup, or any other Keurig coffeemaker for that matter, here are two important things you must put in your mind just before you press that red power button:

By the way, BOOKMARK this page for future reference just in case you forget because these two things are considered GOLDEN RULES.

#Rule No. 1: Ensure The Water Reservoir Is Full

Are you wondering how someone can forget to fill the Keurig with water? It is possible especially if your coffee machine’s lid is hidden at the back. For those with lids at the side or in front, it may be easy to remember.

Pull the reservoir out and fill it with clean water. When filling the reservoir, be careful not to pass the designated mark. Usually, if you fill the water beyond the mark, which is usually labeled, that might lead to machine complications.

#Rule No. 2: Put The Cup Under The Spout

Your brewed coffee will settle into this cup thus you need to put it into place in advance. If you don’t have a coffee cup, there is no harm in using a normal tea mug. Ensure the cup or the mug is placed on top of the drip tray.

With those two steps in place, now it is time to start the party …

Follow this video for the K-Duo operation:

With a few steps, you can comfortably turn on your K-Duo and make your friends tasty hot coffee.

How To Turn On Different Keurigs: The K-Classic Series

The first step is to press the power button. After pressing the button, you will notice that the green light on your Keurig will illuminate instantly. What follows afterward is your Keurig to start working thus you expect it to heat the water.

The red light on the Keurig K-Classic series will continue to illuminate for about 5 minutes, obviously informing you that the machine is working perfectly. Afterward, the red light will go off, which means it is now ready for brewing.

If you are using the Keurig for the first time, it is unlikely that the brewer is ready for brewing even after the red light has gone off. If this is the case, repeat the two golden steps above. However, this time, you need to rinse the reservoir before you refill it.

If you don’t want to wait for five or so minutes before the coffee is finally brewed, here is something you can do to the Keurig K-Classic series:

Set Your Keurig To Auto-Off

Thankfully, most Keurig coffee machines come with an auto-off feature, which allows you to command it to shut down after being in use for 2 hours.

To be able to do this, look at your Keurig on the top-right side. Chances are, you will see an auto-off button (usually black). Press the button. After pressing the button, the green light on your Keurig should be able to illuminate.

To disable the auto-off function, press the black button again.

NB. Modern Keurig coffeemakers are factory programmed. You do not have to carry out the s above process.

K-Elite/Lite Series

With the two golden rules still in mind, press the power button on your Keurig Elite series. The K-Elite series comes with a green light, which will automatically illuminate the moment you press the power button.

However, unlike the K-Classic series, the K-Elite series does not have a red light, which informs you that the machine has started working. Therefore, you need to listen to the sound of water heating inside the coffeemaker.

In addition, while the K-Classic series takes between 4 and 5 minutes before it stops heating, the K-Elite series takes a relatively shorter duration – approximately 3 minutes.

Again, if the Keurig is brand new, you need to repeat the process before you enjoy your maiden cup of coffee.

How to Program Auto-on on K-Elite/Lite Series

  1. Tap on the Settings button.
  2. Continue tapping until you see a ‘sun’ icon.
  3. Follow the arrow buttons to be able to turn on the auto-on feature.
  4. The arrows should be able to help you set the time you want your K-Elite to turn on.

How to Program Auto-off on K-Elite/Lite Series

  1. Tap on the Settings button at the top of the Keurig.
  2. Continue tapping until you see the ‘moon’ icon.
  3. The moment the button is on, tap the settings button once more to reveal the arrow keys.
  4. Make sure you change the timing from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

K-Compact Series

This machine is funny. Once you plug the power cord into the power source and turn it on, the green light illuminates instantly. The brewer will also start to heat the water and continue for about 4 minutes before the brewer stops.

At this point, the machine is now ready to brew your first cup of coffee. The good thing about this machine is that you can as well decide to set the auto-off feature. What is more, the K-Compact machine is fitted with a smart feature, which enables the machine to brew coffee on the go.

Keurig RIVO Series

Of all the Keurig coffeemakers I have personally used, the K-RIVO is indeed complicated. Nonetheless, you can maneuver around it. As usual, the golden rules play an integral role.

After observing the two rules, continue paying close attention to other subtle details and nothing will seem hard for you. After that, follow these simple steps in your quest to operate your K-RIVO:

  1. Clean your Keurig’s frothing pitcher.
  2. Fill it with water (make sure it hits the min fil).
  3. Secure the lid and place it into the system.
  4. To run the initial cleansing froth, press on the lathe froth button.
  5. The moment the cycle is complete, you’ll hear a beep sound.
  6. Remove the frothing pitcher.
  7. Remove the lid.
  8. Pour out the water.
  9. Dry the components.

After following those 9 steps closely, you are now ready to brew.

Brewing Coffee Using The K-RIVO

  1. Make sure the machine is plugged to the power source.
  2. Place a 12-ounce mug on top of the drip tray.
  3. Press the K-RIVO’s power button (it’s on the right side).
  4. The control button will flash; it will be followed by a beep sound.
  5. Press the ‘Espresso Lungo Button’.
  6. After discarding the first mug of water, you will now brew your first tasty cup of coffee.

Using The K-Select Series

Many people say the K-Select series is also complicated. However, there are things that are alike across the Keurig brands such as the illumination of the green light after pressing the power button.

Again, this Keurig will stop heating after about 3 minutes, which means it will start to brew. However, to be able to enable the auto-off on this coffeemaker is very different from some of the Keurigs I have already mentioned on this write-up.

Programming Auto-off On The K-Select Series

  1. Power on the brewer while you have pressed on the power button.
  2. Press and keep holding the strong 10-ounce large mug button for approximately 3 seconds.
  3. You will see that the green light will begin to illuminate.

Disabling the Auto-off Feature on the K-Select

  1. Power off the brewer while it is still plugged in.
  2. Press and keep holding the strong 10-ounce large mug button for approximately 3 seconds.
  3. You will see that the green light will turn off.
  4. Power on the brewer (this time, the green light will not illuminate).
  5. The interesting thing is that after you’ve brewed your first cup of coffee, the brew buttons and all the prompts will be disabled. This will last for about a minute.
  6. To reactivate them, simply lift and then lower the Keurig handle.

Using K-Plus Series and The Keurig 2.0 Brewers

To be able to power on and use this product, you will need to follow the exact process you have been doing on the other types of Keurigs. However, many users find one thing challenging – to locate the power button.

You will not see the icon until you plug your machine into the power source, turn it on, and then on the icon will suddenly appear. It is located at the bottom right of the Keurig screen.  Now that you’ve located the power icon on the machine, go ahead and brew your tasty coffee.

Important Tips On How To Turn On Keurig

Mistakes can happen. Besides, you may not understand everything especially if you’ve just bought your Keurig. If so, do not hesitate to ask for help. The customer service at Keurig Support and Help Center will help you solve whatever technical problem you may be facing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve just bought a Keurig or you are operating one for your first time, learning how to turn on Keurig shouldn’t be a big deal. Remember the golden rules, and learn the basics of operating each Keurig product. After mastering the tricks, operating a Keurig will be as easy as a, b, c.