Is Cappuccino Stronger Than Coffee?

Gone are the days when coffee was bound to black coffee alone. Currently, we have many options like cappuccino besides regular coffee. But is cappuccino stronger than coffee? I unveil the mystery in this article. 

When you look at the caffeine content and the bitter coffee taste, regular coffee is stronger than a cappuccino. However, that doesn’t make cappuccino a weak drink. In fact, it depends on the drink serving amount, size, and the coffee beans type you use. Besides, cappuccino has espresso, which is much stronger than drip coffee.

What is Cappuccino?

A cappuccino is an Italian-classic drink. The espresso-based coffee beverage has a standard ingredient ratio of 1:1:1. That means, in a cappuccino cup, you get 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 of milk foam.

In most cases, you serve this coffee drink in a 6-ounce glass. With that, you get to showcase its distinct layers. In addition, if you are an experienced barista, you can tell with ease if your cappuccino is up to standard or poorly made by just feeling its weight.

Since cappuccinos undergo precise portioning, their espresso flavor is less acidic. Even so, espresso still emerges strongly in this coffee drink.

Furthermore, many cappuccinos are unflavored. Therefore, if you decide to add flavorings to it, you create a different coffee drink, perhaps a latte.

What is Coffee?

Coffee is a simple drink as compared to cappuccino. Basically, regular coffee is black, with no other additives. All you need is a drip coffee maker, water, and your coffee grounds.

You can agree with me it is way easy to prepare coffee than a cappuccino. You just put a paper filter in the brewer. Then you fill it with fresh coffee grounds.

Afterward, you switch on the drip machine to allow the system to pump hot through your coffee grounds. In no time, you see your brew dripping into the mug.

But things are not the same when it comes to a cappuccino. With this one, you go through a batch of processes.

You will have to brew the espresso, steam your milk, and then froth it. If you mess up a little in the process, you alter everything, including taste and flavor.

Cappuccino Versus Coffee: Which One Is Stronger?

Allow me to tackle this question by considering various aspects to help you understand better. That’s because the two have different brewing processes and so are their final products. And you may wonder, are they strong in terms of taste or caffeine? Either way, I got you covered.

Generally, a cappuccino has espresso in it. It can be a single or double shot. And probably you know espresso is much stronger than regular drip coffee. That’s because of the high-pressurized process when brewing.

Even so, that does not make cappuccino stronger than regular coffee. It all depends on the amount of espresso in the coffee drink. So, let us compare the two based on various aspects.

Caffeine Content

The coffee drink serving size and coffee beans type determines if cappuccino is stronger than regular coffee.

For instance, a single shot of espresso equivalent to 1.5 ounces comprises 80 mg caffeine. On the other hand, 8 ounce serving of drip coffee has 160 mg of caffeine.

Therefore, if you use a shot of espresso in an 8-ounce cappuccino size, a cappuccino will have less caffeine than regular coffee. That’s because espresso in it covers only a 1/3 of the cup. The remaining part is steamed milk and foam. Contrarily, regular black coffee covers the entire 8-ounce glass.

Yet still, if you use double espresso, the caffeine content in your cappuccino will be 160 mg, the same as that of regular black coffee. With that, both coffee drinks will have the same caffeine strength.

You may decide to use a 12-ounce serving size. In this, a cappuccino will still contain a double espresso shot with about 160 mg caffeine. But the caffeine content in drip coffee will rise to almost 300 mg. That makes coffee stronger than cappuccino in terms of caffeine.

Even so, these figures are not constant. It again depends on the coffee beans type. Robusta beans tend to have more caffeine than arabica beans.


Regular drip coffee has a strong and somehow bitter coffee taste than a cappuccino. Espresso alone is strong than coffee. But when in a cappuccino, the steamed milk in the coffee drink makes it less bitter.

Even so, cappuccino still has a strong coffee taste that is mildly sweet and creamy. So, based on coffee taste, I can say regular coffee is stronger than a cappuccino.

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The Difference Between Cappuccino And Coffee

With that, allow me to take you through what differentiates cappuccino and coffee.

Coffee Grounds

Both cappuccino and coffee use different brewing techniques and coffee grounds. In this case, the grind size matters a lot. Espresso, which is a cappuccino base, uses finer coffee grounds. And that’s why it brews fast.

Brewed coffee uses medium-sized coffee grounds. With that, it takes several minutes to brew. If you decide to brew drip coffee with finely ground coffee, your final coffee will be too bitter to swallow because of over extracting.

The same applies when you extract espresso with medium-sized coffee grounds. Your shot will be weak, with no crema.

Calorie Content

When it comes to calories, cappuccino takes the lead, and there is no debate about it. Mostly, regular coffee is often black with no additives. In an 8-ounce serving size, you get only 1-2 calories.

The same serving for cappuccino will give you over 60 calories. It is due to the milk you add to this coffee. But again, with added sweeteners, sugars, and syrups, the calories count goes even higher.

Consumption Time

Often, you drink your brew whenever you want. But it seems certain coffee drinks relate more to definite times of the day. And a cappuccino is one of them. Most coffee lovers prefer taking it in the morning.

The reason for that is its milk blend and sugars that tend to slow down digestion. Therefore, it doesn’t go well with meals.

On the contrary, you can consume drip coffee any time during the day, including mealtimes. It is a better option after having a tiresome day at work.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Final Thoughts

Cappuccino and coffee have their unique features. Therefore, none is better than the other. It all depends on your preference. If you need a strong coffee without milk, drip coffee will do you good.

However, if you need a rich, a little bit sweet, and creamy coffee, a cappuccino will serve you best. I believe this article puts you in a better position to know if cappuccino is stronger than coffee.