Is Coffee a Laxative or Constipation?

A laxative substance tends to stimulate or facilitate the evacuation of the bowels hence causing a laxative effect. Constipation on the other hand is a condition that makes it difficult to empty your bowels. Many drinks and foods accelerate the two conditions. Is coffee one of them? What does coffee do? Is coffee a laxative or constipation? Let’s start with the last question.

Whether caffeinated or decaffeinated, coffee can cause a laxative effect, because, it tends to increase gastrin levels (hormones that are responsible for the contraction of your colon). However, experts say it is safe to take up to 400 milligrams (about four cups) of caffeine a day.

In this blog post, I’ll explain why coffee can either cause a laxative or constipation effect.

Does Coffee Cause A Laxative Effect?

Coffee can be a diuretic and a laxative at the same time. Drinking coffee on a regular basis increases movement between the colon and the rectum. This is because the caffeine in regular coffee affects the gastric hormone, which in turn causes a bowel movement. Therefore, it causes a mild laxative effect.

Why Does Coffee Cause A Laxative Effect?

You may be wondering why the rush to go to the restroom appears after drinking coffee. Well, many blame the amount of caffeine present in coffee. That is not the cause. If coffee stimulates your bowels, it is not because of the amount of caffeine. Coffee can make you poop regardless of the caffeine content.

In fact, decaffeinated coffee causes the same laxative effect on some people the same way that caffeinated coffee would.

What Does Coffee Do to Your Intestines?

Coffee increases the motility of your intestines, which will make you poop. Although the movement is most effective in the colon and rectum, it can occur (moderately) in the small intestines.

Does Coffee Make Everyone Have a Laxative Effect?

Different people react differently after drinking coffee. It is almost certain that whether caffeinated or decaf, coffee makes everyone poop. For some people, it causes constipation because of its diuretic effect.

Even if coffee makes you poop it’s a normal reaction there will be no need to seek medical attention.

Is Coffee an Instant Laxative?

After drinking coffee your body releases hormones that act all over your digestive system. That is the small intestines and the stomach. Coffee has proven to affect your digestive system quickly.

Studies show that colon activity increases within the first four to ten minutes after drinking coffee. However, the effect will last for the next thirty to forty-five minutes.

Is Coffee a Diuretic or Laxative?

Coffee can be a diuretic and a laxative for some people. The caffeine content in the coffee is a mild diuretic that will make the body excrete more liquid. For sensitive people who feel the urge to poop after drinking a cup of coffee, it acts as a mild laxative.

Is Coffee Good for Your Colon?

Coffee is a great energy booster! However, it might cause some mild health problems in your colon. Research has shown that for every cup of coffee consumed, there is a five percent improvement in the growth of colon cancer (colorectal cancer).

What Kind Of Coffee Makes You Poop?

Caffeinated coffee makes the colon 60% more active compared to water’s 23%, while decaf coffee causes a lesser colon activity. That means whether caffeinated or decaf, the components in coffee can make you poop.

PS: Coffee is rich in caffeine and other components that accelerate the movement of the colon and intestinal muscles. Due to the increased activity, the body pushes food quickly to your rectum.

Why Is Pooping Good After Drinking Coffee?

Pooping after drinking coffee is good only when:

  • You are feeling a little bit constipated. Coffee will make your bowels move without the need to use chemical laxatives or stool softeners.
  • You want to maintain your bowel movements every day normally.
  • You need to go to an event or travel to prevent your stomach from disturbing you.

As you know not all that glitters is gold. Pooping after drinking coffee might also prove not to be ideal.

How to Prevent Coffee From Making you Poop?

Picking coffee that will make you feel less of the urge of releasing your bowels will help you. You’ll have to look for coffee that will go easy on your digestive system. This is because coffee normally sends signals to your digestive system hence altering your hormone levels. It can boost stomach acid productions which will make things to move too much.

You can also try a darker roaster that will lessen the amount of caffeine in your coffee and stop the coffee from making you poop.

Hence, it is imperative to choose cool temperatures of coffee that may not create a movement of your bowels as compared to what a hot coffee cup would.

Why is it not Advisable on Relying on Coffee for Bowel Movement?

It is okay if you use a cup of coffee in the morning to get your digestive system moving, but it is not advisable. In most cases, your doctor will recommend that you drink more water than caffeine to keep your system healthy from constipation. The water will make you more hydrated hence preventing constipation as compared to what coffee would have done.

Let’s turn the table now.

Does Coffee Cause Constipation?

In extreme cases, coffee can cause a person diarrhea. The caffeine in coffee can cause a constipation effect especially if a person is dehydrated.

Coffee is diuretic too. If coffee causes you to urinate more and lose more fluid, it is most likely that it will dehydrate you and in turn, cause constipation. This makes you not experience bowel movements.

Is It Good To Drink Coffee When Constipated?

The fact that coffee is a good laxative (makes your bowels move), does not mean that it is good to consume when you constipate.

Caffeine in the coffee causes dehydration, which results in constipation. This would rather worsen things. Therefore if you are constipated, rather stay away from drinking coffee or you can choose to drink decaffeinated coffee if it is a must.

Ways of Preventing Coffee From Causing Constipation

Here are a few proven ways to prevent coffee from causing constipation:

Sack the sugar – eliminating the sugar in coffee is a smart idea to help avoid constipation. The sugar increase requires more water to break, hence dehydrating the body more. To flavor your coffee cup without sugar, you can add cinnamon or a dash of unsweetened cocoa powder.

Stay rehydrated throughout the day – drinking a lot of water after taking coffee will help you prevent the caffeine in coffee from taking a toll on you.

Best Remedies for Constipation

If you are experiencing constipation you can try the following treatments to help induce some movements in your bowels within a few hours.

Eat foods for constipation relief – Eating foods that contain high fiber content will help relieve constipation. These foods include fibrous fruits such as pineapples, apples and bananas, oats, brown rice, and beans.

Drink a lot of water – If you are constipated and you haven’t been drinking adequate water, you should consume a large glass of water so as to get hydrated which will in turn trigger bowel movements.

Take a laxative stimulant – These stimulants are designed to force bowel movements in your digestive system. Which may take up to six to twelve hours to be effective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is coffee an instant laxative?

A: To some people, coffee especially caffeinated can be an instant laxative. Decaf coffee takes time to show its laxative effect in some people.

Q: What are the benefits of consuming caffeine?

A: Caffeine in coffee reduces the risk of stroke risk, heart attack, and boosts your immune system.

Q: What are the disadvantages of consuming caffeine?

A: Caffeine can raise blood sugar levels, worsen anxiety and increase heartburn.

Q: What can you do to avoid the negative effects of caffeine?

A: Make sure that you don’t drink more than is expected amount each day. In addition, you would want to avoid consuming coffee at least six hours before you go plan going to sleep.

Final Thoughts

By now, I’m sure you have the answer to this question: is coffee a laxative or constipation? In many people, coffee can have an instant laxative effect. To minimize the laxative and diuretic effects, you need to drink lots of water and eat foods rich in fiber. If you do so, you won’t have a problem drinking coffee daily.

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