Is the VertuoPlus Better Than the Vertuo?

Many people I have asked this question believe that the VertuoPlus is better than the Vertuo. They argue that the word ‘Plus’ has it all. Is that what you also believe – that the VertuoPlus is better than the Vertuo?

The Vertuo has more advanced features than the VertuoPlus. It heats up in 15 seconds, has 13 mug capsules, and comes with a 1350-watt motor, which helps brew coffee much faster than the other one.

But there is more about the Vertuo than those three outstanding features.

Here is a detailed comparison of the two Nespresso machines. Later, we’ll look at each of the coffee machines separately.

First, we start with what the two Nespresso coffee machines share.

Key Similarities

Key FeaturesVertuoPlusVertuo
Water Reservoir40 oz40 oz
Coffee sizes5 oz gran lungo, 14 oz alto, 8 oz mug5 oz gran lungo, 14 oz alto, 8 oz mug
Espresso sizes1.35 oz espresso & 2.7 oz double espresso1.35 oz espresso & 2.7 oz double espresso
Cup clearance4 positions4 positions
Drip trayRemovableRemovable
Water hardnessProgrammableProgrammable
Case materialABS plastic polymerABS plastic polymer

Key Differences

Key FeaturesVertuoPlusVertuo
Dimensions8.3” W x 12.9” D x 12.8” H8.3” W x 11.9” D x 11.9” H
Weight10.1 lbs10.9 lbs
Year of release20172014
Power cord length29.1 inches33.5 inches
Power1300 watts1350 watts
Auto-off9 minutes by default + programmable9 minutes
Auto opening and closingYesNo
Automatic capsule ejectionYesNo
Heat up time20 minutes15 minutes
Adjustable water reservoir placementYesNo

By now, you know that the Vertuo was manufactured in 2014, three years before the VertuoPlus came to the market in 2017.

In most cases, any product in the same line that is produced after the initial product is often perceived to be of better quality than the former.

True, the Nespresso Vertuo (2014) is less luxurious than the Nespresso VertuoPlus (2017). However, the Vertuo remains a little more powerful than the VertuoPlus.

Nespresso VertuoPlus

A swivel water reservoir, which you can place on the side or the backLonger brewing time
The automatic capsule ejection helps in removing capsules after every brewSlightly less power strength (1300 watts)
The brewing chamber opens and closes automatically thus saving time
NB. This feature is suitable for senior citizens or those with arthritis, who may find it difficult to lift the lid
Auto-off can be programmed longer than 9 minutes 

Nespresso Vertuo

1350-watt powerful motorNo automatic capsule injection
Heats up in just 15 secondsYou cannot adjust the water tank position
13 mug capsulesDoesn’t open/close automatically
Longer power cord (33.5 inches) 

Vertuo Vs VertuoPlus: Which Should You Buy?

As mentioned before, I don’t think the VertuoPlus is any better than the Vertuo.

The auto capsule ejector, 9-minute auto-off + extended programmable time, adjustable water reservoir placements, and automatic opening and closing system do not make it any better.

In my view, the Nespresso Vertuo’s 1350-watt power motor, the 13 mug capsules, the 15-second heat-up time (which helps in faster brewing of your Nespresso drink), and the 33.5-inch power cord are far much better thus making it my all-time favorite.

But who knows what you may like on the Nespresso VertuoPlus? 

In the end, whatever the feature you use as the determinant, go for the Nespresso machine that satisfies your needs, and make sure you clean the Nespresso machine after every use.

It will serve you longer if you do that.