Keurig Making Noise: Why & How To Solve The Problem

It seems your Keurig has become a spooky jerk of late. And perhaps you are tittering while trying to find out why the brewer is making the weird noise and how to solve the problem. Come on! There is not much for you to worry about it.

A Keurig makes noise due to blockages inside the machine, has broken parts, it’s rattling with the surface, or it is an old model. You can solve the problem by cleaning your brewer, replacing damaged parts, and using the Keurig on a soft surface.

Reasons for Keurig Making Noise

As you have seen, there are various reasons why your Keurig is making noise. While knowing the reasons is important, finding solutions to the problems is of greater importance.

Clogging Due to Material Deposit

Materials like coffee grounds and minerals can build up in your brewer, especially if you fail to do regular cleaning. As a result, they hinder your brewer from functioning well, thus, producing weird sounds.

Tap water contains minerals, chemicals, microorganisms, and bacteria that can easily clog your machine. It often happens after the water is heated and all the minerals and dirt remain packed up in your brewer.

How to solve this problem – you can filter the cold water before using it. However, it won’t get rid of dissolved minerals like calcium. I recommend you try using distilled water all the time when brewing. That way, you will minimize the chances of mineral build-up.

While filtering and using distilled water may help, you will agree with me, your Keurig brewer needs regular cleaning and descaling. Through that, you will remove all the materials that cause it not to function well.

While cleaning, you take out all the brewer’s parts and wash them with soap and water. Also, there is a need to descale your Keurig using white vinegar or a descaling solution.

Your Brewer May Be Rattling With The Surface It is Settling On Resulting in Keurig Making Noise

When brewing, your Keurig may be rubbing itself against the surface. For instance, if it is settling on a hard surface such as tiles, you may hear a strange noise. That is why it is vital to check where and how your brewer sits before brewing.

How to solve this problemcushion your Keurig from the vibrations and rattling by placing it on the brewer’s bottom materials like corkboard, Styrofoam, or rubber plate. They may fail to cause total silence, but they will make the noise tolerable.

Old Keurig Model

Keurig older models make a lot of noise because they lack quiet coffee brewing technology. It could be the reason why you are experiencing excess noise. Apparently, the newest brewer models have technology that limits the amount of sound when brewing.

A Section in Your Keurig Is Broken, Causing Keurig Making Noise

Let’s say your Keurig is the newest model, you regularly descale it, and it settles on a soft surface, but the brewer still makes a lot of noise. That only means that there is a section inside your Keurig that is damaged. On most occasions, it is usually the pump.

Luckily, if you have a Keurig warranty, you can contact them for a replacement. However, the warranty lasts only for a year. If you have stayed with the brewer past that time, you might have to do the repairs yourself.

The good thing is that you can replace the broken part and continue with your brewing habit.

Why Does a Keurig Make Grinding Noises and Fail to Pump Water?

A common reason why your Keurig fails to pump water is water scaling. There might be an accumulation of debris hindering the brewer’s water pump from performing its functions.

So, while the coffee maker tries to brew, water fails to pass through to complete the process. And that’s why you hear the grinding noises, but nothing is coming out.

Here is the first alternative to fix the problem:

  • Pull out the water reservoir and empty it.
  • Pour in it a little water, thoroughly shake around the water reservoir, and spill out the water.
  • Check out the opening on the Keurig pump through which water passes to the brewer and is cleaned well. Use a dishtowel to remove any dirt and materials inhibiting the proper functioning of the brewer’s water pump.

If there is still no pumping happening, the second option will be to use a turkey baster. You put it in the section between the water pump and the Keurig brewer. Try to force water into the machine using the turkey baster. It will help descale it.

Alternatively, mix white vinegar with water and descale your Keurig. It will help unclog the water pump by removing any build-up materials. Remember you must do it regularly to keep your Keurig in good shape.

If none of the above options works for you, air might have gotten to the brewer preventing the motor from pumping water. Shaking your Keurig will help eliminate excess air.

However, if the noise stops together with the pumping, there is a possibility that the motor is damaged. So, you will have to replace it or the whole unit altogether.

How to Clean and Descale Your Keurig to Avoid Weird Noises When Brewing

  • Press the power button to switch off your Keurig.
  • Pour out all the water from the reservoir and pull out the water filter.
  • Take your descaling solution or white vinegar and pour it into the reservoir. Measure the same amount of fresh water and add to it.
  • Start brewing the solution until the coffee maker requests more water.
  • Leave the Keurig for 30 mins. After that, discard the remaining descaling liquid from the water reservoir. Thoroughly rinse the reservoir using fresh water.
  • Fill Keurig’s water reservoir with fresh water and run water only a brew cycle. Repeat the process several times to ensure that there is no trace of the descaling solution.
  • Descale your Keurig regularly after every three to six months and enjoy your smooth cup of coffee.

If you don’t have the time to read through the above guide, you can watch this two-minute video:

Final Thoughts 

Several things cause your Keurig to make unusual noises. They include clogging, rattling with the surface, and the brewer being old or broken. The good thing is that you can fix most of these problems through simple activities like cleaning and descaling your Keurig.

Therefore, you can make it a routine to do proper maintenance and thorough cleaning to avoid any damage to your brewer.