My Keurig Screen Says System Overheated: How Can I Fix It?

Keurig brewers are among the best coffee makers in the market. But like any other machine, you may encounter some troubleshooting issues with them. One of the issues is the Keurig screen saying system overheated. How can you fix such a problem?

Reset your Keurig to fix the problem. Plug your coffee maker into a power socket and wait until the screen flashes on and off. Press and hold the power button for 8 seconds, then press the brew button 3 times. If this procedure fails to clear the problem, replace or buy a new brewer.

Of course, ‘system overheated’ is not the problem but an indicator. So, apart from the screen displaying ‘system overheated’, there could be other underlying reasons.

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Common Keurig Coffee Maker Issues And How To Fix Them

You may face some issues with your Keurig brewer and wonder what to do. Luckily, you are not alone, and these issues are also easy to remedy. Allow me to take you through some of the problems that may result in your Keurig displaying ‘system overheated’ message and how to fix them.

Issue 1: Keurig Won’t Brew Your Coffee

The reason you bought your Keurig brewer is to get a cup of coffee whenever you need it. And now it fails to perform its coffee brewing function. Why and how to fix it?


  • Mineral deposits and debris accumulating in the coffee machine. Probably, you are using tap water to brew, which contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium.
  • Failure of your Keurig to warm-up well to heat water.
  • The coffee brewer’s parts may not be well–fitted.
  • There are air bubbles inside the coffee maker.

How To Fix The Problem: I will address the possible solutions to each of the problems above.

Clean The Keurig Brewer To Remove Minerals And Debris

To do so, take out the water reservoir and fill it with filtered water. Run a brew cycle several times consecutively. It will help remove any materials stuck in your brewer.

Descale Your Keurig Coffee Maker

If running a water-only brew cycle doesn’t fix the issue, another option is to descale your Keurig brewer. The best way to do it is to run a brew cycle with white vinegar mixed with water. After the first brew cycle, do another brew cycle with baking soda.

Remove The Air Bubbles From Your Coffee Maker

To remedy the problem, unplug your Keurig brewer from the power supply. Pour clean water into the reservoir and gently shake your coffee machine.

Check Your Coffee Machine Parts And Replace Them Where Necessary

Ensure you seal and attach all coffee machine components. You can remove all of them, then reassemble them together in the correct way.

Give Your Keurig Brewer Enough Time To Heat The Water

I know you need a quick coffee, but your coffee maker also needs time to heat water and dispense your coffee. Therefore, you have to be patient enough to allow the entire brewing process to be complete.

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Issue 2: Keurig Not Working Or Shuts Off

Almost 10% of Keurig brewer owners have raised concerns over this problem. Therefore, it is vital to address the issue.

Reasons: The main reason your Keurig is not working is clogging due to mineral and material buildup inside your coffee machine.

How To Fix: Follow the 3 steps below to fix your Keurig in no time.

1. Run water-only brew cycle several times. Don’t put the k-cups inside the brewer.

2. If that doesn’t work, get on and descale your brewer to remove scale buildup. You can do so by running a brew cycle with a mixture of white vinegar and water. Just ensure you rinse your Keurig thoroughly with clean filtered water.

3. Clean and descale your Keurig brewer regularly to avoid this problem.

Issue 3: Keurig Not Heating Properly

We all want hot coffee unless you are preparing an iced coffee. So, let’s understand why your coffee is warm or cold and how to solve the problem.

Reasons: The heating mechanism of the brewer is probably not functioning properly. Possible causes include;

  • The brewer’s water pump malfunction
  • Overheated heating mechanism because of improper pumping.
  • Clog in the waterline because of debris or dried coffee grounds. Thus, making the Keurig brewer not complete the brew cycle.

How To Fix The Issue: First, switch the coffee machine off, then turn it on. Give it time to finish the reheat cycle. If it fails to reheat, try to reset the water reservoir. Ensure you seal it well and has enough water in it. Thereafter, shut down the brewer, and switch it on again.

Issue 4: Keurig Is Stuck In Preheating Mode

When you begin a brew cycle, and then your coffee machine remains stuck in preheat mode longer, the culprit might be the water nozzle.

Reason: The water nozzle might have a blockage, hindering the flow of water.

How To Fix: There are two options for fixing the water nozzle. The first option is to buy Keurig’s accessory tool. It is ideal for cleaning the water nozzle.

The second option would be to use a long needle, a paper clip, or a skewer. You insert it into the holes near pod needles to remove the obstruction.

Take care while you do it to avoid accidents. That’s because the water in the brewer might be hot. Besides, the puncture needles in the area are very sharp.

Issue 5: Keurig Abruptly Shut Off During a Brew Cycle

Here is another common problem you may face with your Keurig coffee maker.

Reason: The problem is often due to connection loss between the brewer’s parts. For Keurigs with a timer function, you might have set it incorrectly.

How To Fix: Check all the parts to ensure they are well-locked in place. If you are using a Keurig model with a timer feature, adjust the brew time to enable you to complete a brew cycle.

Issue 6: Keurig is Locked And Will Not Allow a Descale

I know how annoying it can be when you really need to descale your brewer, but it just can’t let you do it.

Reason: There is clogging because of a deep buildup of minerals, dirt, and any other material in the coffee maker.

How To Fix: Unplug your Keurig brewer from the power supply and allow it to cool. Take out the water reservoir and empty the water inside. Take out all the removable parts and thoroughly clean with soap and water.

Before reassembling the coffee brewer, flip it upside down. If the machine is large, such as the Keurig Elite, call for help. After turning it upside down, gently shake and tap your coffee machine to dislodge the foreign materials in the brewer. Once done, reassemble your coffee machine and descale it.

Issue 7: Keurig Dispensing Coffee With Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds in your coffee not only ruin your perfect cup but your day too. So, let’s fix this issue once and for all.

Reasons: Some causes of this problem include:

  • Coffee grounds covering the puncture needle.
  • Failure to seal the pod properly, making some of the coffee grounds spill out.
  • Overfilling the k-cups or using the wrong coffee grounds.

How To Fix: Ensure you fill and seal the k-cups well. Also, clean the area around the exit needle. You can use a paper clip to dislodge any obstructions to the puncture needle.

Final Thoughts

Most Keurig problems are easy to solve. Therefore, you can handle them yourself at home. Even so, if your Keurig screen says system overheated, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. You can try to reset and restart your brewer. But if that fails, I advise you to talk to a professional technician.

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