Ninja Coffee Bar Vs Espresso

Are you looking for ways to enhance your coffee-making processes? A quality coffee machine will help you achieve that. I know you are wondering whether to go for a ninja coffee bar or an espresso machine. Take it easy; I am here to help.

After you finish reading this post, you will be in a position to make an informed decision. That’s because I will address all those questions you wish to ask concerning the two coffee machines.

Let’s now get into it …

What is The Ninja Coffee Bar And How Does It Work?

The ninja coffee bar is the newest coffee-making machine. It is suitable for crafting a wide range of coffee drinks such as iced coffee, café-style beverages, and hot drip coffee. With the user-friendly features, beginners can easily make their favorite coffee drinks in the comfort of their homes.

Ninja coffee bar has six brewing modes, namely:

  • Classic brew
  • Rich brew
  • Iced brew
  • Specialty brew
  • Cold brew
  • Café Forte

The difference between a ninja coffee bar machine and an espresso machine is quite significant. The reason being a ninja coffee bar makes strong coffee shots that are not authentic espressos.

The ninja coffee bar has the following features:

  • Customized serving sizes
  • Time-saving features. You can brew your coffee the exact time you need it.
  • Technology for thermal flavor extraction.
  • Auto IQ technology guarantees an excellent water ratio.
  • It has six types of brews; classic, rich, iced, sold, specialty, Café Forte.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a permanent coffee filter; no need for paper or pod filters.
  • Come in a wide range of machines
  • It is multifunctional.


  • The machine is cost-effective. Many people can afford to buy it than an espresso machine.
  • The coffee machine has unique settings that make it highly versatile.
  • You can directly brew your coffee in a mug.
  • Come with an instruction manual to ensure you do not miss a thing.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • The machine does not make espresso
  • It doesn’t steam milk.
  • The milk frother seems challenging to use.
  • The ninja coffee bar lacks a coffee grinder; you will have to buy it separately.
  • With its automatic setting, you have less control over the final product.

What is an Espresso Machine and How Does It Work?

An espresso machine is a coffee-making appliance that brews espresso-based drinks. The coffee machine works by forcing pressurized water through fine coffee beans. The result is a smooth shot of espresso.

Espresso machines come in various varieties. You can settle for traditional manual machines, semi-automatic machines, or automatic machines.

Here is what sets an espresso machine apart:

  • It produces Italian espresso of high quality with a crema layer.
  • Coffee hobbyists have control over the manual and semi-automatic espresso machine processes.
  • The majority of espresso machines have an in-build milk steamer for steaming and frothing hot milk. You use the milk to make lattes, mocha, cappuccinos, and many more drinks.
  • Espresso machines have a classic appearance and style.

Every machine has its cons. For espresso machine, they include:

  • The machine is expensive
  • The manual and semi-automatic models are a challenge to use. More practice is needed to understand how they function.
  • If your machine lacks a grinder, you will have to buy a specialty coffee grinder with settings for fine coffee beans.
  • Espressos are hard to clean because of the delicate removable parts that are dishwasher unfriendly.

The Difference In Brewing Between Ninja Coffee Bar And Espresso Machine Drinks

From my experience, there are a number of differences between the two. Look at this part, which explores the subject even more:

Roasting Beans

The espresso beans undergo roasting for a long time. It makes them darker than those for the drip coffee. A ninja coffee bar uses coffee bean roasts that are light and medium-dark.

Grinding of The Coffee Beans

The coffee beans for espresso are fine in texture. That’s because the process of brewing espresso involves pressurized hot water pushing through tightly packed coffee grounds. On the other hand, those for ninja coffee bars are coarse.

Brewing Ninja Coffee Bar or Espresso

When it comes to brewing, a ninja coffee bar is ideal for drip coffee. However, if you need a shot or two of concentrated espresso, then you must use an espresso machine when brewing.


Drinks from both machines have unique flavors and tastes. It all depends on what you prefer. If you need to feel the full strength of coffee, then go for espresso. However, if you want to taste a wide range of coffee drinks and don’t like strong coffee, don’t hesitate to buy the ninja coffee bar.

Strength of Espresso Coffee Machine

Espresso machines produce strong coffees. That’s because they use coffee grounds that are well roasted for brewing. Also, the brewing process involved makes the drinks stronger.

Durability Of The Ninja and Espresso Coffee Machines

Just like any other machine, proper maintenance is vital in increasing the lifespan of coffee machines. Regardless of whether it is a ninja coffee bar or espresso, clean it regularly. If any part fails to function well, replace the individual piece as soon as possible.

My advice is always to go for high-quality coffee machines. Do your research and know your brand well. If you purchase your espresso machines and coffee machines from a reputable brand, you will not experience frequent breakdowns.

Ninja Coffee Bar Versus Espresso Machine: Which Should You Choose?

The decision to go for a ninja coffee bar or an espresso machine largely depends on your preference. If you are a coffee enthusiast who loves an authentic Italian espresso shot, it won’t hurt if you invest in an espresso machine.

However, if you need to brew a wide range of coffee drinks, the ninja coffee bar is what you need.

Again, check your budget. Espresso machines are a bit expensive than the ninja coffee bars. If you can afford well and good, but if you can’t, I advise you to go for what fits your budget. Either way, you will still enjoy a smooth cup of coffee.

A ninja coffee bar has dishwasher-safe parts that make it easy to clean. On the other hand, it is quite a challenge to clean espresso machines. That’s because they have removable parts that are delicate. However, all coffee machines need occasional descaling.

Final Thoughts

The decision to buy either a ninja coffee bar or an espresso machine lies in your preference. So, if you are a fan of espresso-based coffee drinks, I advise you to look for an espresso machine. However, if you need a coffee machine that is highly versatile and makes a variety of drinks, I recommend you buy the ninja coffee bar.