What Happens When You Snort Coffee Grounds?

Across the globe, the norm has always been to brew and sip your tasty cup of coffee latte. Now, snorting coffee grounds is becoming the talk of the town. Moreover, that makes you wonder, what happens when you snort coffee grounds? Well, I am here to help you grip some information about it.

When you snort coffee grounds, caffeine gets into the bloodstream fast, giving you a quick energy boost. However, the snorted coffee grounds never dissolve. Instead, they congest your nose. With that, you risk getting a respiratory infection, blocked nasal airways, and many other nasal complications.

What Does Snorting Coffee Grounds Entail?

Snorting coffee grounds is an action or act of inhaling coffee ground powder into the bloodstream through the nasal airways. The purpose is to get a quick caffeine intake to make you get high. And also boost your energy level.

Snorting gives you a quick energy boost because the caffeine in the coffee grounds gets to your blood vessels faster. Therefore, it also takes a shorter time to reach the brain.

However, it is vital to note that snorting works well for drugs people take in their pure form. Thus, the body dissolves them comfortably.

Now, coffee grounds are not pure. Therefore, snorting them yields many unfavorable effects compared to positive.

The best way to extract and consume caffeine from coffee grounds is by brewing with water. And that’s the reason we prepare coffee instead of snorting the coffee ground or eating them.

What Happens When You Snort Coffee Grounds?

Before I tell you what happens when you snort coffee grounds, there is something important I want you to know. Snorted coffee grounds don’t dissolve. Therefore, they congest your nasal cavity. Besides, through snorting, some coffee grounds also get into your body, leading to health problems.

Even though snorting coffee grounds enables caffeine to get to your bloodstream quickly, its unfavorable effects outweigh the benefits. In fact, the only thing you get from snorting is an energy boost.

If there is a burning need for caffeine, you can find better ways to attain your doze. But don’t snort coffee grounds. In a short while, I will tell you some options to help you fix your caffeine demand. That’s if you don’t have time to brew. So, keep reading.

Snorting Coffee Grounds Side Effects

Now, before you even think of snorting coffee grounds, have a look at its adverse effects. You might have a second thought after.

  • You experience a lot of pain after snorting, gaining nothing. I am sure you cannot withstand that.
  • The coffee grounds enter your nasal airways, causing blockages. That’s because the coffee grounds tend to be bigger than other insufflate substances.
  • Some coffee grounds can get to the respiratory tract, causing respiratory infections. You may face symptoms like running nose, nasal discharge, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, fever, and many more.
  • You may also face defecation after snorting coffee grounds.
  • The coffee grounds also get to your body, triggering severe vomiting.

Healthy Ways Of Consuming Coffee

Since we have found that snorting coffee grounds is a bad idea, allow me to explain how you can healthily consume your coffee. And still, get all the caffeine you need for your day.

Use coffee grounds from a quality brand

I recommend you use quality, organic coffee beans from reputable brands. That’s because some may contain synthetic pesticides, which are unsafe for human consumption.

Avoid excessive coffee drinking

Drinking coffee in moderation is healthy. However, if you do it in excess, you exceed the amount of caffeine intake per day. With that, you can face its unfavorable side effects. It is safe to take caffeine up to 400 mg a day. But if you go way beyond, you put your health at risk.

Minimize taking coffee in the evening and at night

You see! Coffee contains high caffeine content. Therefore, caffeine stimulates your body to stay energized and awake. In the event you drink it at night, the possibilities are you will get sleepless nights. With time, it can lead to some health problems.

Alternatively, you can opt for a decaf coffee or a cup of tea at night. That way, you will get to drink less caffeine.

But again, caffeine doesn’t affect sleep for everyone. Some people can drink strong coffee in the evening and still catch a perfect sleep. So, understand your body and know what works for you.

Reduce the amount of sugar in your coffee

Pouring the entire bunch of sugar into your coffees only makes it unhealthy. The best way to sweeten your coffee would be to add a natural sweetener to it. Though, it will be perfectly healthy if you take it without the sugars and sweeteners.

Avoid artificial and low-fat creamers

Some of the artificial creamers undergo high processing with questionable ingredients. Therefore, I advise you to always aim for a natural fat cream in your coffee.

Don’t snort coffee grounds regularly

As you have seen, snorting coffee grounds has many side effects. It is, therefore, prudent to avoid the practice as much as you can. Instead, go back to the traditional ways of taking coffee. It doesn’t hurt. You’ll still take your coffee.

How Can You Get a Quick Caffeine Fix Without Brewing Coffee?

Look! Brewed coffee supplies you with enough caffeine to get you through that hectic day. However, worry not if you need a quick caffeine dose and don’t have time to brew.

Here are some of the pick-me-up caffeinated options. Probably, you can try them out when in a hurry.

Canned coffee

Canned coffees are pre-made. Therefore, you grab it from the fridge, open its tab, and you are good to go. I know of several coffee brands that make perfect canned coffee. So, try various options. You will definitely find the right spot for you.

Energy drinks

If you can’t access coffee, don’t get sad. An energy drink will still perform the magic. On average, in a 178g coffee, you get 71mg caffeine. Whereas in 240g energy drink, there is over 80mg caffeine.

Caffeine pills

If you feel like your batteries are going low, caffeine pills can still boost your energy. In every portion, you consume about 100mg of caffeine.

Energy gum

It sounds odd, but yes, it can supply you with caffeine to keep you going.

Final Thoughts

It will help if you stick to your coffee drinking habit. That’s because snorting coffee grounds does more harm than good. Am sure you wouldn’t want to spend some hours vomiting and defecating endlessly. So, choose the right path.