What is The Height of a Standard Coffee Cup?

Do you want to gift your loved one a coffee cup but you don’t know the standard height to get? Drinking coffee is very common to most people, especially on the go, thus getting the right size of a coffee cup is important to many.

The height of a standard coffee cup is 95 mm with a handle height of 73 ml. An 8-ounce coffee cup has a height of 3.5 inches with a top diameter of 31/8 or 2 ¼ inches. The 12 ounces coffee cup has a height of 4 inches, with a top opening of 3 1/8 and a bottom diameter of 2 ½ inches.  

How To Measure Your Coffee Cup

If you are a frequent visitor to Starbucks, you must have noticed that the size of their coffee mugs differs in size. There is a small mug, medium, and a large coffee cup. However, for your home use, a standard coffee mug would be ideal.

An 8-ounce coffee cup, which has a height of 3.5 inches can hold one cup of coffee. This is about 227ml and is considered small. If you measure your coffee cup and the height is less than 3.5 inches but it holds 8 ounces of coffee, the highest probability is that the cup has a wider diameter both at the bottom and the top.  

When using the coffee cup to measure dry products, such as sugar, the 8 ounces coffee cup takes up to 225 grams of sugar. This also equates to 2 sticks of butter, thus this coffee cup can be used in measuring recipe ingredients where need be.

On the other hand, the 12 ounces coffee cup holds 340ml and is similar to a large mug. Iced coffee is served in a 16 ounces coffee cup which holds 454ml of liquid.

Different Standard Coffee Cup Sizes For Different Coffee Types

As you can tell, different coffee types contain varying levels of caffeine concentration. This determines the size the coffee will be served in. Coffee cups can go up to 15 ounces with a height of 5 inches depending on the coffee type.

However, most coffee cup measurements follow the barista standard. We will now discuss the various coffee cup sizes and heights in relation to the coffee types.


Due to the extras used in mixing latte, its coffee cup cannot have a 3.5-inch height as this would be too tall. The mug is shaped like a wide bowl, which can hold 440 ml of coffee. This shape will enhance the latte art while pouring steam milk.


The espresso coffee cup has a wider diameter and a thin base, which can hold 60ml to 88ml of coffee. Some Espresso coffee cups also range from 103ml and 118ml. These models have an oval shape, which accentuates the coffee aroma straight to your nose.


Cappuccino coffee cups are twice the size of espresso cups. Therefore, they measure between 147 to 177ml. as they say, if you love class, you love cappuccino. The rims of these cups are wide compared to the base, and they are accompanied by a saucer plate for placement.

Travel Mugs

Are you a frequent traveler yet love to take your coffee with you? If yes, you can choose the tumble model of the travel coffee mugs. It fits perfectly on the car cup holder as it is thin and tall.

However, this cup is a few inches taller than the standard coffee cup. Classic travel mugs, on the other hand, come with a handle and are more stable. This would be a great gift for your loved one as they can be customized with personalized messages.

Starbucks Coffee Cups

Starbucks categorizes its different coffee cups according to their height. A tall coffee cup is 354 ml while the short cup is 230ml. The grande cup holds 473ml, and the venti cup, which is the biggest among all the coffee cups, holds 590 ml. Other cold caffeinated drinks are served in the Trenta cold cups, which can take up to 916ml.

Final Thoughts

The height of a standard coffee mug depends on your coffee preferences and your lifestyle. For example, you wouldn’t use your tumbler coffee mug to drink espresso as this requires a small sizeable cup.

If you mostly take your coffee on the go, the classic coffee mug, which comes with a handle would be perfect for you. However, if your choice of coffee changes with your mood, we would advise you to get a special cup that would suit all the favorite types of coffee that you love.

Therefore, do not feel restricted to get one coffee cup, with all these options, you are spoilt for choice.