Rice Production in France


General information

  • GNI per capita at PPP$, 2011: 35,650
  • Internal renewable water resources, 2011: 200 km3/year
  • Incoming water flow, 2011: 11 km3/year
  • Main food consumed, 2009: wheat, meat, milk, fruits, vegetables, oils and fats, starchy roots, sugar and sweeteners, fermented beverages
  • Rice consumption, 2009: 4.6 kg milled rice per person per year

Production season





Write-up taken from the IRRI’s Rice Almanac (2013):

France, in Western Europe, consists of the northern plains of the Paris Basin, vast plateaus in the central parts, and mountainous regions in the south. The total area is 549,190 km2. Only 3% of the workforce in its 2010 population of 63 million was engaged in agriculture, although arable land covers one-third of the country. Agriculture accounts for under 2% of GDP. Extensive rice-growing areas are found in the Camargue region on the Mediterranean coast of France.

Source: FAOSTAT database online as of November 2012.

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