Rice Production in Panama


General information 

  • GNI per capita at PPP$, 2011: 14,510
  • Internal renewable water resources, 2011: 147.4 km3/year
  • Incoming water flow, 2011: 0.6 km3/year
  • Main food consumed, 2009: fruits, fermented beverages, milk, meat, rice, wheat, vegetables including oils, sugar, maize
  • Rice consumption, 2009: 62.2 kg milled rice per person per year

Production season





Write-up taken from the IRRI’s Rice Almanac (2013):

Panama, facing both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea in Central America, is bordered by Colombia and Costa Rica. It is a small country of 75,420 km2, with a population of 3.6 million (2011). Its climate is hot, humid tropical, with most of the land occupied by mountains and upland plains, and coastal plains; only 7.4% is arable. Much of the economy is built around the Panama Canal. Agriculture contributes 4% of GDP, undertaken by 16% of the workforce. Rice is the second largest crop after bananas.

Source: FAOSTAT database online and AQUASTAT database online, as of November 2012.

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